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A home is supposed to be a place where you can fully relax and be exactly who you are. A stress-free zone, your safe haven. But how can you make the strange, new place feel cozy as soon as you move in? It must be impossible with all the boxes lying around, right? Well, not exactly. While it will undoubtedly take some time for it to start feeling homey, there are certain steps you can take from the get-go to speed up the process. You will be surprised at just how big a difference a few tweaks to your new space can make.

How to feel at home in the new place?

Your latest property won't turn into a warm home by itself. It's up to you to transform it into a livable space in which you will want to spend every second. A comfy area worthy of all the memories that you are about to make. Thankfully, accomplishing just that isn't as hard as it initially seems. By following the tips we have compiled here, you'll be calling the place your own in no time!


Prioritize the cleaning

We are fully aware that moving from one house to another is a tiring process. So tiring that, upon arrival, the only thing you will want to do is rest and not lift a finger for a while. However, the thought of doing so in a dirty place doesn't seem so appealing after all.

Failing to clean your home is one of the most common moving mistakes, so if you want to have a relocation that is a positive experience, you should clean from top to bottom. Doing so will freshen up the whole space and give it a more homey feel. Just make sure to clean it all before you've unpacked the boxes. This way, you won't need to move everything around to get to the tricky spots.

Set up your bedroom first

Focus on utilizing the bedroom first as it is the room you will need to rest at the end of a tough day. Make it especially comfortable; invest in proper sheets, soft pillows, and blankets, hang up the artwork, family photos, install ambient lighting. Simply, enrich the space with anything that sparks positive emotions. There are many home improvement hacks that you can also implement in this room to further improve your quality of life.

Arrange the bookshelf and hang some art

Nothing makes a bookworm feel more at home than being surrounded by a plethora of literary masterpieces. The same is true for art lovers; only, they enjoy the sight of breathtaking artwork rather than books. Still, if you fall under one of these categories, the addition of books or framed art could just be the thing that makes the new place warm and fuzzy. Arrange the written works on the bookshelf in any order that you like and hang the paintings on your walls for the ultimate feel-good result.

Introduce a pet to the place for plenty of joy and laughter

Pets are notorious for being lovable fluff balls that bring an enormous amount of happiness everywhere they go. Sharing your home with one will make you associate the good times with the house, thus making you think of the place as truly your own. Plus, is there anything better than having someone greet you at the door every time you return from work? That's right, nothing! If you happen to own a pet already, then you are halfway through! However, if you don't have one, consider getting it from an animal shelter. By doing that, you'll be doing a good deed for both yourself and the community.

Bring home some greenery

Arts and pets aren't the only things capable of making you happy within the new place. Plants have that ability as well! They, quite literally, bring a dash of fresh air to the living area, thus improving the overall indoor air quality. And that's not all! They are also capable of enhancing the mood and relieving people of anxiety. Every single room in the house can benefit from a bit of greenery. However, bear in mind that some plants require lots of light to thrive. Make sure the latter requirement is met before you decide to bring them into your home.

Consider adding more light

Natural light is the best source of light. Recently, design trends have changed, and more and more houses are prebuilt with loads of windows that provide you with just that. If your home is one of those, you are good to go. However, if not, you should consider adding some strategically put lights for the ultimate comfort. Dimmable LEDs, for example, are an excellent choice. They are both an eco-friendly and relaxing addition to your home when looking to turn it into a Zen place.

Build an entertainment area

You spend most of the time curled up on the couch in the living room binging your favorite films. Great! It means this room is your primary entertainment center. Work to make it as cozy as possible by equipping the sofa with squishy, artsy pillows and warm blankets. Previously mentioned dimmable LED lights, paired with a TV and a quality audio system, can successfully bring the atmosphere of the cinema to the home. Talk about the best of both worlds!

Invite some people over to check out the place

Inviting your friends, family, even neighbors is a great way to make a new place feel like home. After all, nothing can make the space feel more alive than having it packed with people. Socializing evokes happiness and allows you to make some new, pleasant memories. Memories worth remembering and talking about later on in life. And what better place to make those than in the comfort of your own home?

Lyla Henderson is a blogger and moving consultant at mybrooksmoving.com. She has dedicated her life to helping people successfully relocate to the homes of their dreams and continues doing so to this very day. Her passions include preparing homemade meals and taking strolls in the park. She absolutely loves nature and tries to enjoy it as much as she can.

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