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Getting a summer body can seem like a daunting prospect, especially if you were stuck inside all winter. Like all good things, it can take time to get the lean body you want, but there are ways you can begin a routine and put in extra time so you aren't waiting as long to see results. If you are at a loss as to how to begin, take a look at these ideas, and learn how you can start working toward your healthy version of a summer body today. 

Start a Workout Routine You Can Stick To

For many individuals, any shape of a beach body often involves a mix of cardio and toning. With this in mind, think about the routines you would enjoy doing most. Perhaps you like kickboxing, or maybe you prefer to dance or jogging. Figure out a routine that works for you, such as running four times a week, and then add toning exercises on your off days. It is important to alternate and include a rest day or two in your routine since this will help your body relax and begin to build muscle. If you pick activities you like doing, you are more likely to stick with the routine, making this a long-term change you can keep. At the end of your workout, using a protein powder can help you refuel. 

Change Your Diet

Changing a diet is intimidating to many people. Maybe you are worried about giving up all your favorite foods or you just cannot imagine saying goodbye to pizza and beer. Look for ways you can make these changes, such as adding more fruits and vegetables to your meals, choosing a lower-calorie vegan pizza, or even having beer only once or twice a week. Small changes are less drastic, and you are more likely to keep up with them over time. As you get closer to summer, you may notice that you aren't as hungry due to warmer weather, or you crave lighter meals, like a salad. Keep this in mind as you approach the hotter months, too. 

Find Fun Ways To Build Your Body

Don't wait for summer in order to get outside and start having fun. Look for activities you enjoy that can help you build muscle and keep you moving at the same time. Volleyball, hiking uphill, backpacking, and soccer are all useful ways to lose weight while providing entertainment and fun at the same time. Although many individuals have the mistaken thought that they need to be in perfect shape to enjoy these things, that shouldn't apply. Let your favorite ways to have fun be a key element in helping you lose weight.

Change Your Mindset

Your current mindset can determine a lot about your life, including how successful you are in meeting your goals. While quotes and video training can help bolster your self-esteem and give you something to work toward, it can be helpful to think about how you approach your reasons for wanting to lose weight. Applying a realistic mindset when dieting or understanding what your body's limitations are can prove helpful as you work toward weight loss. Keep in mind that while it is possible to have a fit body at any age, your body at 40 will not look the same as it did when you were 19, and that is perfectly okay. It is about getting to a level where you are healthy and have energy while feeling good, rather than trying to reach unattainable perfection.

Trying to get your summer body might seem daunting at first, but it can be done. Start a workout routine that you can stick to, and make noticeable changes to your diet without adopting anything too drastic. Engage in fun activities, like sports or being outdoors in nature, along with your current workout to help increase weight loss. Finally, adopt a positive mindset and realize your own limitations. These tips can ensure you have a sensible and consistent approach to losing weight.

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