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It all started on Dec 4, 2011 when Jon Drinks Water made his first upload on the internet with his YouTube account. The upload consisted of a video of him simply opening a water bottle and drinking the contents. That's it. He has been doing this simple yet smart upload almost every day for the past nine years. He is currently on day #3335 of drinking water, has finished 9,881 bottles, and from what I can tell he’s not stopping anytime soon. 


While Jon was uploading his videos of himself drinking water, many people were inspired to do something healthy. His YouTube account currently has over fifty seven thousand subscribers with over four million views. Although views on his current uploads have been down, his first video keeps on growing and getting more views, it currently has over two hundred seventy thousand. I feel it will become the next big trend that actually has a good outcome for us when attempted, unlike the Tide Pod Challenge or The Salt and Ice Challenge which are both extremely dangerous to our bodies. While Jon was the pioneer of this new trend, others were soon to copy his idea. I suspect he doesn’t mind that and it's why he started doing it in the first place, to start a healthy community of water drinkers!

Aaron Drinks Water is another YouTube water drinker that started more than three years ago on Jun 27, 2017. Aaron has been the most active and consistent water drinker on the YouTube platform. Aaron drank 9,176 waters in one third of the time that it took Jon to drink 9,981. His inspiration came from Jon. With basically the same name as Jon on YouTube, Aaron and Jon collaborated to make a list of water drinkers. This list consists of 21 unique people who upload videos on YouTube, putting their own personal spin on hydration. They have over twenty thousand videos combined that consist of just drinking water. That number rises each day. 

Drinking Water is a Very Important Element of Life

All living things need it to survive, from single celled organisms to giant elephants. Some organisms can survive with little or without water for a very long time. The Kangaroo Rat can go 3-5 years without drinking water, getting needed moisture from their diet. But like us, some animals have to drink water everyday to stay healthy. 

Humans get about 20% of daily fluid intake from food and the rest from drinks.

Yes we can survive without it for three days but doctors say to drink 2.7 liters a day for women and 3.7 liters a day for men to stay healthy and have a productive mind. Here are some of the important jobs that water does:

  • carrying nutrients and oxygen to cells

  • flushing bacteria from the bladder

  • aiding digestion

  • preventing constipation

  • normalizing blood pressure

  • stabilizing the heartbeat

  • cushioning joints

  • protecting organs and tissues

  • regulating body temperature

  • maintaining electrolyte balance

Drinking a good amount of water each day will help balance out your body and make you feel on top of the world. No wonder these YouTubers are posting videos of them drinking water. They have a goal to be more healthy and it's working. They want to share that with their audience. 

“Water Drinkers” are taking over

Seeing how many people are in this community makes me want to start a YouTube channel and start uploading daily videos of myself drinking water. It doesn't matter if I gain an audience like Jon and Aaron. It would be more for myself and maybe show that one person drinking water is good and healthy. It would always be nice to look back and see how I was doing that day, how I looked, and/or how much I've grown as a person. When these videos are created, they have the viewer in mind. They have a goal in mind to build a sustainable community that has a mission to drink water and promote healthy living. 


Learning that there is a small niche group on YouTube simply drinking water could be weird at first, but when you dive in and watch some of the videos you’ll feel a great urge to drink water and it makes you think on what these videos are for? Who they are for? It brings out questions to ask yourself like,”Do I drink enough water?”. It gets the cogs churning in your head. They want you to ask questions like that. As you can see, these YouTubers do way more than just videotaping themselves drinking water, they are an inspiration to everyone who watches their videos.

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