HowieEAT is a series of cuisine videos presented by Sauced In Translation host, Howie Southworth. Within the series Howie roves the world in search of culinary enlightenment and eats whatever they plate.

In this installment, Howie chats up Allen Smith, Izakaya authority and Director of Operations for the Wasabi family of modern Japanese restaurants.



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To watch the premiere episode of Sauced In Translation on evōx Television click here.

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About The Author

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Howie Southworth is a traveler, adventurer, and insatiable gastronome with a culinary degree! He has sipped camel’s milk moonshine in the sands of Central Asia, scrambled up the last original peaks of the Great Wall of China, and swam with forbidden fish in the crystal waters of Zanzibar. Around every neon corner and over each sand dune, he has been able to experience the best of the best in global cuisine. A university educator by day and no-holds-barred cook by night, Howie has somehow found the time to become a renaissance foodie and a grateful student of the world. His program, Sauced in Translation, can be seen on evōx Television.

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