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Fashion and Clothing: How Your Mood is Affected by What Your Wear

Whatever you wear can have a big impact on your mood in your day to day life. Different people have different priorities, but once you realize this basic fact, you'll understand that dressing for the day can help you reach your goals, or fall short of them. It's important to think about your goals for the day; what you want to accomplish and what you'll be doing, and then dress for the occasion. Once you've set your intentions for the day, keep these things in mind when getting dressed.


Dressing has a big impact on your confidence, which in turn can affect your mood in either a positive or a negative manner. If you put on something that looks good and makes you feel like you look good, then you'll naturally have a more positive mood for the day. The thing to remember is when it comes to getting dressed; clothes are not like your hair. You might have a bad hair day through no fault of your own, but you can control your outfit! You can pick it out the night before, try it on, pick the accessories, and make sure the outfit is ironed and clean. This alone can take a huge weight off you in the morning and help you get your day started right. This is a great tactic if you aren't a morning person.

Dress Like You're a Brand

If you want to motivate yourself to do better and accomplish more in your life and work—think of it like this; you are your brand, and therefore you are your best brand ambassador! Would you send your beloved business out of the "house" looking ill-kept and not put together? How would you dress your business if it had a big meeting? Try thinking of yourself the same way! Treat yourself well and honor yourself by taking care of yourself.

This can be a difficult concept, to begin with, but in reality, it's all about knowing what works for you. You need to figure out your personal style, then refine and evolve it, and practice dressing in that manner. Try to find a picture of yourself that you love and think carefully about what you are wearing. This isn't about being someone else. This exercise is about learning how to dress you as your best self every day, even those days where we just don't feel like our best self. Pick an accessory or piece that you think has "you" written all over it, and then figure out what you love about that piece. Is it modern? Romantic? Classic? Funky? More than one of those? Use this newfound knowledge to cull through your closet and get rid of things that aren't fitting the bill anymore.


Getting dressed can and does work to get you motivated. If you intend to go to the gym, run, or get a quick yoga workout in on the living room rug, go ahead and put on those sneakers, sports bra, and yoga leggings. All day you'll have your intention right there in front of you, and you'll be more likely to make sure you go out and get it done.

This tactic can also work the opposite way, however, so look out! If you're very comfortable in workout clothes and you regularly put them on with no intention of working out, then this might not work as a motivational technique. Instead, try dividing your workout wardrobe into gym and street pieces. Invest in some fun athleisure wear, and only wear your real gym clothes when you're going to go to the gym, not just when you think you might maybe magically go without any effort put in at all.

If you take these tips into account, before you know it, you'll find yourself in a better, more confident mood every day. Who knows, you might even find yourself better organized, working out more, and making more money, all due to your newfound emphasis on dressing for the occasion!

Dress for Success

A great example of an organization that takes this belief into action is Dress for Success: “Dress for Success is an international not-for-profit organization that empowers women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire, and the development tools to help women thrive in work and in life”.

When a woman is in need of professional attire for a job interview Dress for Success helps supply them with the clothing they need, but Dress for Success is much more than just a place to receive clothes it is a place where women can receive professional help as well. Dress for success has programs for women to aid them “with a confidence that she carries forever and the knowledge that she can actively define her life, the direction she takes, and what success means to her.” The empowerment comes from knowing that physically with new clothes and mentally they are prepared to take on this world.

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