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Leaders need to communicate clearly – their whole team depends on it. Oftentimes, this communication is done in writing rather than verbally as leaders share memos, e-mails, and other messages with their crew – this is especially true at the moment, as most people keep working remotely. 

Developing and honing writing skills is not something many leaders actively think about doing. Good writing skills can make a leader more efficient, save time on further communication, help get their ideas and requirements across more easily, and otherwise benefit both their own daily work-related endeavors and the entire team's work process.

This is why today we will focus on highlighting ways in which a good writing skill can boost a leader's abilities to guide and interact with their team so that you will be motivated to start working on them. Keep reading to learn more!

Effective communication is not an art or talent received at birth – it’s a skill that anyone can master. The need to work on it is especially strong for leaders, and we’re about to tell you why.  Here’s how better writing can boost your leadership:


It enhances your professionalism

As a leader, you always need to appear collected, confident, and capable of guiding others. In live communication, your manners, speech, dress, and presence itself will signal professionalism, but in written dialogue, your writing skills are a single thing that can distinguish you as a trustworthy professional. It's crucial for both inside communication with your team, as well as interaction with potential partners, suppliers, remote team members, customers, etc.

Facilitates effective communication

Good writing skills let leaders communicate faster and more efficiently with their team. Once you master writing, you can convey a thought in fewer words, it will save both you and your team their precious time. You'll get more things done and further your business instead of needlessly stumbling over words, unable to get the point across.

Allows better transferring your thoughts, plans, and ideas

One can write multiple pages of ideas, plans, and assignments, but if they are scattered, unorganized, hard-to-follow, that entire work is a waste. Leaders often struggle with capturing what they want to communicate and encapsulating it into clear and manageable instructions. It's especially true for creative leaders who often overflow with ideas but have trouble conveying them to their team. Good writing skills will allow you to note all that you wish to communicate and make your respondent clearly understand your message.

Leaders are not the only ones in need of good writing skills. A bulk of writing is done by students, so you can imagine expectations their writing has to achieve daily. For those who need help with their assignments, there are services like EssaySupply, which help grad students with their thesis and dissertations. If you’re not confident in your writing yet, better leave the most important tasks to specialists.

Enhances persuasion

It is crucial for a leader to not only be heard but also sound convincing. Many leaders struggle with obtaining new partners or securing great deals simply because they lack good communication skills. Un-constructive and poorly handled dialog is the bane of leaders who, despite having great ideas and outstanding business skills, can’t bring people to see the subject of discussion from their point of view.

Command respect

Every leader wants to be respected. A respected leader is a leader who is followed, trusted, heard. Yet, a leader should not just command respect but also demonstrate it. Although there are many ways of gaining respect, clear communication is not the least of them. When we see a well-written e-mail or hear a compelling speech, we can’t help but feel more inclined towards the person who is capable of transferring their thoughts so flawlessly.

Better your team’s writing

A leader is usually perceived as an unspoken standard for people within a company or team. How they communicate is always noted and even sometimes copied by the team, knowingly or unknowingly. Exchanging messages with leaders is a daily part of many employees’ work, and seeing examples of good writing is always helpful for those who wish to improve on their own technique. This is why working on writing skills can benefit not just a leader, but an entire team.  

Keep readers engaged, and therefore – more perceptive

Captivating readers, holding their attention, is hard work, especially if the subject of communication is not entirely interesting or exciting, as it often is at work. Despite that, leaders must find a way to get and maintain the reader's full attention because discussed matters are usually essential – be that assignments, strategies, or new partnerships.

Help you think more clearly

There are multiple ways in which writing improves thinking. Noting things in written form allows you to collect thoughts, learning how to manage and organize them. Once you develop the skill to write clearly, you will find it easier to collect your thoughts even without writing them down, which is a crucial skill for a leader.

Practice handwriting to deal with stress

Leaders always deal with copious amounts of stress, which they can't get away from. Many problems require their personal immediate attention. It is proven that writing by hand has a therapeutic effect on our mind, as making precise motions and concentrating attention on a manual task can help stressed leaders calm themselves within minutes. Plus, you will practice your writing skill at the same time, which is a bonus!

Become a more inspiring leader.

Sure, writing does not directly make you inspiring, but having cultivated good writing skills will allow you to create great speeches that your team members will be eager to hear.  A well-written speech is a big deal when it comes to team bonding and developing deeper more meaningful relationships within a company. 

These are just a few ways in which writing skills can elevate your leadership to a whole new level of awesomeness. Follow our advice and start working on your writing today so that you and your team can reap the fruit of your labor in no time!

Jessica Fender is a professional writer and educational blogger. Jessica enjoys sharing her ideas to make writing and learning fun.

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