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With concerns about the coronavirus, it can be important now more than ever to make sure that you're in good health and that your immune system is functioning its best. While this may not seem like an easy task, the truth is it can be simple to do with a few immune-boosting tips.

Eat an Immune-Boosting Diet

One of the best things you can do for your immune system is to eat a healthy immune-boosting diet. When eating for immune system health, it can be just as important to cut out foods that can hurt it as it can to include foods that will heal it. Some foods that do major damage to your immune system are sugar, and refined carbs. These foods can cause inflammation in the body and spikes in your blood sugar, both of which can take a toll on immune system function. By easing back or cutting them out of your diet, you can make it easier for your immune system to do its job.

While taking steps to cut out foods that will harm your immune system, you should also be including more of ones that will help improve it, as well. Some of the best foods for your immune system are ones that are high in vitamin C, like citrus fruits as well as fresh, leafy greens. Lean meats will also be beneficial, especially those high in iron and zinc, both of which help your body absorb vitamin C and are great for your immune system. Additionally, if you think that you may not be able to get all the nutrients you need from your diet alone, it can be a good idea to take a supplement so that you can meet your nutritional needs. Also, because there are so many different kinds of nutrients, it can be a good idea to read about thrive side effects before choosing one.

Try Helpful Herbs

Along with cutting out harmful foods and eating a healthy diet, it can be a good idea to include more immune-boosting herbs into your diet. Ginger can be a great natural immune booster. Not only is it energizing, but it also has antibiotic and antimicrobial properties. The same is true of raw garlic, which in addition to being antimicrobial and antibiotic it has anti-fungal properties as well. Cinnamon, honey, cardamom, and chamomile are all also great herbs for boosting your immune function as well. While some herbs like garlic or cinnamon may be eaten or included in your food, others like chamomile or cardamom can be more easily used by drinking them in a tea.

Work It Out

Another big factor in how healthy and resilient your immune system is is how physically active you are. The more that you exercise, whether you do weight lifting or yoga, the more that you improve your hormone balance, as well as heart and lung function, all of which can have an impact on your immune system. While the kind of exercise you do doesn't always matter, how often you exercise does. For the best results, it can be a good idea to work out at least 15 to 20 minutes a day.

Make Sleep a Priority

How much or how little sleep you get can have a significant impact on your immune system. This is due partly to the fact that when you sleep, your body undergoes many healing and reparative processes. If you don't get enough sleep or don't sleep deeply enough, your body may not be able to repair itself properly, and you can go into your day feeling exhausted, unwell, and with an immune system that is not up to par. While it may not always be easy to get the full recommended 8 hours, getting in an extra hour or two where you can make a difference.

The Bottom Line

With the coronavirus spreading, it can be important now more than ever to look after your immune system. While it may not seem like a simple task, the good news is that with a few tips, this can be easy to do.

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