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You've made the great decision to get fit, but now what? There are countless exercise and fitness programs out there. How do you choose the best one for you? It's an important decision because deciding to start exercising and staying with it don't always go together. You need to choose an activity that will achieve your fitness goals, is doable for you, and that you enjoy enough to engage in every day. Here are a few things to think about to help you make your choice.

Check Out Your Options

Recommendations from friends can be very helpful. Check out your friend group. Are any of them working out and achieving the kind of results you're hoping for? What's working for them might work for you too and you might find out about a program that you didn't even know was out there. You can really widen your recommendations by including social media posts in your search. Regardless of how many friends you have in the real world, it's a good bet that you have many more on Facebook. 

If you're curious about an exercise program, an online search can produce really valuable information. CRM for small business can be your friend in this search. If a certain fitness program appeals to you, visit their website and go ahead and fill in that information pop-up. You'll soon get emails and newsletters coming to your inbox that will give you all the info you need to decide if a particular program is a good fit for you.

Consider Any Physical Restrictions

Don't make the mistake of jumping in on a fitness fad that isn't right for your body. You won't stick with something that you can't succeed at and even more importantly, you might get hurt.

On the other hand, if a form of exercise really appeals to you, it's possible that there is a modified version of it that suits any restrictions you might have. If you have bad knees, jogging just isn't the right fit for you, but fitness walking might be something you want to check out. If you have back issues but have always wanted to give yoga a try you'll want to steer away from Ashtanga or Power Yoga, but gentle Vinyasa or modified Hatha might just be the ticket.

Of course, if your restrictions are serious you'll want to check with a health professional before getting started but you should be able to find something enjoyable that works for you. 

Think About Location and Equipment

Sticking with a fitness program can be challenging. You don't want to add to those challenges by choosing a form of exercise that isn't easily accessible or that requires equipment that you can't afford or don't have room to store.

If there's a local gym or fitness studio near you that you can get to on the regular, you'll gain access to some specialized equipment like weight machines, full-sized swimming pools, or reformer machines for pilates. You could also get the benefit of live instructors and fitness coaches. Just be honest with yourself about whether or not the hassle of getting to the studio will negatively affect your workout consistency.

If you determine that keeping your workout in the home is best, that shouldn't be a problem. With streaming services and DVDs, you should be able to engage in just about any form of fitness that appeals to you right in your own living room. If you're concerned about budget or space, there are a lot of exercises that require little to no equipment. Bodyweight exercises, floor pilates, dance, and yoga are just a few options that can be done just as well at home as at the gym.

Deciding to include some form of regular exercise in your daily routine is one of the most beneficial choices you can make. Just make sure that you select a fitness regimen that you enjoy, you are physically capable of doing, and that you have the ability to engage in on a daily basis. You'll be reaping the benefits of greater health and wellness in no time.

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