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The goal of new technology is to solve problems. And the focus of new smart tech development is to make life as efficient, convenient, and comfortable as possible for humans. Smart tech-ready homes offer options for customizing and automating every detail of your domestic life. 

With all of these upgrades available, the average adult can save more time than you might expect. Let’s take a look at how automation and AI can benefit your household in the long run. 

1. Specific Tasks

While some human endeavors are irreplaceable, the average person’s daily home life is filled with rote tasks that could just as easily be replaced by a programmable machine. The most effective automated systems are those that address specific tasks, dealing with them in a more efficient manner than a human would. Including automation and AI in your household is like having an excellent live-in assistant, who can efficiently and effectively anticipate your every need. 

The average person, for example, spends about 20 minutes waiting for the coffee machine to brew that perfect wake-me-up cup of coffee every morning. That time can easily be saved by automating your coffee machine to be ready with a fresh cup of coffee at 6 AM every weekday morning, with no daily intervention necessary. All you have to do is be on hand with a cup to place underneath the coffee dispenser. 

2. Time Savers

Clever new gadgets can help you combine the pleasure of cooking with helpful, time-saving automation. With pots and pans that you can check on remotely, and even program to turn on and off from outside the house, you can craft slow cooking meals without taking up your entire workday.

Washing the dishes is another daily time-consuming task, especially for a household with children, where life can feel like an endless cooking-cleaning-tidying assembly line. New technology, like the Turbo Clean system, uses AI to automate the cleaning and washing process. Using a blend of machine vision, robotics, and deep learning, this system determines the contents of each food tray and loads it into the correct compartment of the dishwasher. This system can save the average person approximately half an hour every night. 

3. A Little Goes A Long Way

When you add up the time saved daily by automating small tasks throughout the day, you will soon find you are saving more time in the long run than you might expect. The total time of all these combined tasks is about 2-3 hours each day. That means that automating these aspects of your life can save you up to one thousand hours each year, which is the equivalent of an entire extra month. And with an entire extra month each year, you can spend more time finishing work projects, honing your side hustle, embarking on creative endeavors, and spending quality time with your family, all thanks to the assistance of AI and automation.

Zachary Halston is a freelance writer who is passionate about sharing the latest developments in social media, real estate, and new tech. After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in creative writing, he began to explore the depths of the tech industry, studying books, podcasts, and how-to manuals to learn as much as possible.

He thinks that Smart Tech can revolutionize the way we interact with each other and the planet, and is committed to sharing the latest updates in the industry from a balanced, holistic perspective. You can check out some of Zach’s previous written work about Netflix, high speed internet, and internet providers at broadband search.

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