Fruit Flies on BreadIt’s summer – time to enjoy all the fresh fruits that the season brings. Unfortunately, summer and fresh fruit can also mean fruit flies.  They hover over your food in the kitchen, they buzz against your computer screen at night and they’re hard to swat, but you don’t want to use pesticides to get rid of them.  What to do?

I got on YouTube and found several videos with a pesticide-free way of ridding yourself of the pests.  It’s fast, easy and, from my personal experience documented above, it works.

Here’s what you need:

  • A little apple cider vinegar
  • A bowl
  • Plastic wrap (I don’t use plastic wrap, so I recycled a bread wrapper and it worked just fine)
  • A toothpick, corncob holder or anything that will make a small hole in the plastic

Here’s what you do:

  • Add a little vinegar to the bowl, cover with plastic wrap and poke a couple of holes using something that won’t make the holes too big – I used a toothpick, but corn-on-the-cob holders will do just fine.
  • Place the bowl on your kitchen counter, or wherever you see flies and wait.
  • A few hours later, you should see flies trapped in the bowl.  Their life cycle isn’t very long, so they’ll die quickly.  In a few days, the infestation should be gone.

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