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Are you stressed about how to entertain your kids spring break and warmer weather weekends? While having everyone more active after winter hibernating can feel daunting, it’s also a great chance for you to spend some time together as a family. Whether you’re traveling to a faraway destination or relaxing at home, there are lots of ways for you to help your kids have a memorable springtime.

Experience the Great Outdoors

Spring is the perfect time to get outside and enjoy the nice weather before it gets too hot. If the kids are getting stir crazy, take them for a day at the park. You can pack a picnic lunch, have a family sports tournament, or even just play some traditional outdoor games, like Red Rover and Capture the Flag. You don’t have to go to a restaurant to enjoy delicious food. Roll out the grill and have a barbeque in your backyard. On a hot day, you can go to the local swimming pool, or set up a hose in the backyard. If you want to get away for a few days, try camping in the mountains, where you can enjoy hiking, fishing, and sleeping under the stars.

Go on an Adventure

Spring is the perfect time to travel, even if it’s just for a few days. If you live near the coast, take a trip to the beach. Visit an amusement park or nearby aquarium. Or better yet, go somewhere completely new. There are plenty of exciting places to explore, like national parks, historical monuments, and exciting new cities. You never know what you might find. Use your imagination, and allow your kids to join in on the planning.

Excite Your Taste Buds

As the weather gets warmer, your kids will love nibbling on cold, delicious treats. Make banana splits together, or try your hand at some homemade treats. You can freeze juice in an ice cube tray to make homemade popsicles, or combine a root beer recipe with vanilla ice cream for some delicious root beer floats. Convert your favorite winter desserts into frozen treats, whether its frozen hot chocolate or frozen s’mores.

Explore the Town

You can find plenty of fun activities, right in your own town! Visit the local zoo and have an animal scavenger hunt. Take the kids bowling, and see who can come up with the goofiest moves. Then give a prize to whoever ends up with the worst score. Go to a local museum and learn about the history of your area. Or check out some great books at the library. If your kids get bored, search for events in your area, like a free game night at a bookstore, or a concert in the park.

Celebrate Easter Any Time

Even if Easter hasn’t come yet or has already passed, you can still celebrate with some fun Easter activities. Host a neighborhood Easter egg hunt, and let the older kids help hide the eggs. Enjoy some classic games, like racing while carrying eggs on spoons. Plant flowers in the backyard, or arrange them in pots and give them away. Find a unique way to decorate eggs, whether it’s with paint, stickers, or glitter, or natural nature-based dyes (beet juice, anyone?).

Have a Rainy Day at Home

Are you stuck inside for the week? Then enjoy spring break at home. Try some spring crafts, or let your kids make their own art with materials that you find around the house. Build a pillow fort and have a sleepover inside. Play dress up and make a game of it, or turn it into a fashion show. Board games and puzzles are a great way to pass the time, and there are lots of options to choose from. Why go to the movie theater when you can have a movie night at home? Rent something new, or watch an old favorite. And make sure there’s lots of popcorn.

No matter where you choose to spend your spring break and free time, there are lots of things you can do to have great times together as a family. Get your kids involved, and see what other ideas you can come up with.

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