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With all the chaos that goes on in day-to-day life, it can be hard to remember how to be more present. Being present is arguably one of the most important things we can do for ourselves. Letting ourselves enjoy the little things in life can help make our waking hours more full and happy. There are many things we implement in our days to helps us focus more on the things that are important, whether that’s our relationships, experiences, or anything else. 


One of the coolest things about being alive is getting to experience the miraculous world that we live in. From nature to architecture, to different cultures, our world has so much to offer. Often, when we get bogged down in the monotony of life, we forget that we have so much to experience. Traveling is one of the best ways we can appreciate our surroundings. Whether we want to explore the impressive wire-rope infrastructure of the Golden Gate Bridge or the beautiful architecture of a Frank Lloyd Wright House. Or if nature is more your speed, visiting a national park can be a great way to embrace the wilderness and natural beauty of the world. This being said, travel doesn’t have to mean a big, expensive trip. Travel can be just a staycation where you live, or even just going on a new hike or visiting a new museum. By embracing something other than what we are used to, we can be more present in our own lives. 


One reason we can fall behind with being present—our brains can get cloudy with all the chaos of our lives. Journaling is an excellent way for us to get into a better headspace to take on the day. Journaling is a great way to be more present because it can be so individualized. You can journal about anything that’s bothering you or what’s happening in your life. You can journal to foster more gratitude, you can journal to release sadness or anger, and you can journal to reflect on your life and your experiences. By letting ourselves get into a good mindset about ourselves and our lives, we can be more present more freely. The thoughts that once hindered us from remembering the good, are now journaled away. We can write about the times we felt most alive and remind ourselves that despite the hard days, better things are waiting for us. 

Put Your Phone Down

Electronics can be helpful in our day-to-day lives. We need them for work, for school, and to communicate with each other. For better or for worse, just about anything we do has to go through a device. And while these devices have certainly made our lives more convenient, they can also be distracting. Sometimes we stare at a device for so much of the day that we forget about all the other things going on around us. Putting down our phones is a promising first step to being more present. This doesn’t mean throwing our phone out the window but just trying to be more conscious of when we use it. When we are at meals with friends or family, keeping our phones in different rooms is an excellent way to put the distractions away. Or even when we are at a concert or a museum, or experiencing something, letting ourselves enjoy it without the presence of technology can help us live more in the moment. 

Say Yes More

Part of being more present in life is accepting opportunities that allow us to experience something. It can be easy to live in our comfort zone and only do the things that we are comfortable with. There is no harm in sticking in that zone occasionally. The issue is when we become so accustomed to what we know that we don’t go out and experience other things. Saying “yes” to more opportunities gives us the chance to be more present in our lives. The comfort zone can be monotonous and make us immune to enjoying the little things in life. We can forget to be present characters in the story of our lives. By saying yes to more things, we can experience more. Maybe it’s trying a food you’ve never had, going to a concert of an artist that you’ve recently discovered, or even a spontaneous road trip. Doing something different can be scary, but that’s the joy of life. We will never get to be more unless we do more.

Emma Davis is a digital nomad who is constantly searching for her next life adventure. She’s a lover of yoga, mindfulness, and philosophy. When she’s not writing, she loves to be outside and exploring new areas.

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