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Staying healthy can be an objective that is often much easier stated than accomplished. While most people will acknowledge the importance of their health, not everyone knows how to achieve optimal health. The reality is that all it takes is everyday actions. With small changes and updates to your normal routine, you can embrace better health and improve your life. Here are six everyday actions that can change your life and help you progress in your wellness journey.

Embrace Health Feedback

In this digital age, you have a wide array of information available to you. When used wisely, you can use health information and feedback to your advantage. You can use these powerful tools to your advantage to better understand your metabolic health and fitness, and thereby improve your overall wellness. Whether you have a health tracker, glucose trackers, sleep monitors, or any other form of health information and feedback, if you embrace these forms of feedback, you can use this to better your life.

Limit Time on Social Media 

While the digital world has presented wondrous new ways to enhance your health and wellness, there have also been downsides to other aspects of your life. Social media is one of those areas. While it is a great way to connect with others, research shows the potential harm of social media. If you want to live a happier and healthier life, it is in your best interests to limit your time on social media. Try setting timers for each day or adjusting controls on your phone, tablet, and other devices to limit your exposure so that you have a checkpoint to help you make this adjustment.

Spend Time Outside

You can use the time that you were wasting on social media to get outside. Spending at least fifteen minutes breathing in fresh air and nature can do wonders for your mental and physical health. Consider adding in a short walk in the morning, during your lunch, or even as you commute. This can have a vast influence on your mood, energy levels, and daily experience.

Engage in Physical Activity

Another change to your daily routine is integrating exercise. Whether you engage in moderate aerobic exercise, high-impact activity, or flexibility-based exercises, it is important to get your body moving. Try introducing thirty minutes a few days a week, working up to five days. You will be shocked at the difference a bit of exercise can make in your mood, sleep, appetite, and many other areas of your life.

Drink More Water

A common problem that many people face is not drinking enough water. Most adults require between two and three liters of water per day to achieve sufficient hydration levels; however, many people don’t get anywhere near this. Luckily, there are numerous, easy strategies to help you drink more water. Whether you equip yourself with a reusable water bottle to always have water nearby or set reminders on your phone, making updates to your daily actions can make the world of difference.

Reduce Your Portion Sizes

While many adults may be getting too little water, many are also intaking too much food. If you want to improve your health, you should adjust your portion sizes. Your stomach has likely expanded to compensate for the often excessive portion sizes being served to you. If you are out at a restaurant, consider setting aside half of your meal to enjoy then and taking the other half home for later. Another useful strategy can be to try to eat more slowly and mindfully. You will likely be surprised at your state of fullness after smaller portions when you are paying attention to how you are feeling throughout the meal.

When it comes to your health and wellbeing, it is not always easy to know how to start making improvements. While this can seem daunting, you can start with small behavioral changes and commit to taking an active stance in your health. With a few changes and a bit of awareness of your health, you can make exponential changes in a short amount of time.

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