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There are over 7 Billion people on the planet today. 

There are an infinite number of issues, sub-issues, and even subsets of the sub-issues.

A single human being cannot be concerned with every issue, sub-issue, and the subsets and permutations. It's impossible for each and every one of us to be concerned with each other's concerns. 

And, isn't it amazing that each one of us on this planet has different concerns and projects that matter to us and we prioritize?

I'm grateful for all the various causes, concerns, issues, and projects that all my friends work on to make life better on this planet. And my friends' issues are not necessarily MY concerns, interests, causes, or projects and vice-versa. For each to imagine that all of us should be concerned with the SAME matters is a big stretch—actually kind of ridiculous and fantasy-thinking.  It's impossible for me to be concerned with the multiple concerns of 7 Billion people AND, we can all probably agree, that there are some big issues we all care about... survival.

If each of us puts purposeful intention, focus, and energy into those matters that each of us are honestly, authentically interested in addressing in life, we'd ALL be more effective as a Community.

One of the, surely somehow solvable issues we face, is when people think everyone should be working on everything that WE are concerned if OUR personal concerns should be those of others!

Allow people to naturally be interested in that which they are interested in.... and do not be invalidated if their issues are NOT your issues. 

And, do not invalidate others for not being interested in YOUR issues.  

Be grateful for our myriad of interests and concerns and stop imposing your 'more important' project on others who are concerned with their 'more important' projects. 

Your Syrian refugee commitment does not trump another's climate change problem, which doesn't override another's GLTBQ commitment or yet another's animal welfare or water project. Do what you do best and create an environment where everybody can freely explore, create, and commit to that which is natural and most inspiring for them. This will have our planet heal quicker, faster, and with way more self-expression.

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Xav Dubois is CEO of evox. "Our company, evox, is very much engaged in the inquiry that I've been in for my entire life: 'How do we make the planet and its people happier, more joyful, satisfied, and peaceful?' We're using Video Content, Conscious Commerce, and a Global Community to help bring about a world that honors all and supports monetary and social systems that are honest, fair, and just for everyone! Our Television Network,, supports this by showing content that empowers, educates, and inspires while supports people and vendors who are striving to lead healthier, happier, and more sustainable lives. We're proud to be part of the process and we truly appreciate YOU for being with us on this journey. We look forward to hearing from you and the many benefits we hope you reap by being a part of the evox Community."

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