I’m the newest addition at evōx Television and my assignment (which I’ve gladly chosen to accept) is to tap the enormous power of  evōxProsper to change the conversations many of us have around money.

Whether we’re barely scraping by or have more than we could ever use in three lifetimes, most of us endure an enormous amount of suffering around money. It often traces back to our formative years when we learned unhealthy or unproductive ways of relating to money. It could have come from the example of a parent or from a bad situation that we lived through.

My brother , sister and I all remember being in the car when, every payday, our mother would race from the Paymaster’s office at my father’s job, down to the bank, to deposit his paycheck before the hot checks she had written over the weekend were processed. She laughed about it and shrugged it off at the time, but later on we realized that our mother was a serial check kiter. Imagine the lessons she unwittingly taught us about handling money responsibly, and living within our means.

There are equally destructive experiences for families with great affluence. There’s the story about a young man, who when asked what he did for a living, responded that he was a waiter. “A waiter?” “Yes, I’m waiting for my inheritance.”

Experiences like this cause all of us to form beliefs about ourselves, the world around us, and how we think about and handle money. And then we live our lives as if those beliefs are “The Truth.” And in that world, which is completely of our own creation, we find ourselves with few alternatives except to continue inflicting this suffering on ourselves and the people we love most, often for the rest of our lives.

I love these lyrics from the Eagles’ classic song, Already Gone:

“So often times it happens that we live our lives in chains
And we never even know we have the key”

evōxProsper wants to help you find the key. If you are stuck living paycheck to paycheck, never able to save money, there’s hope. If you have found yourself mired in credit card debt, there’s hope.

If you always seem to make investment decisions at the worst possible times, there’s hope! If the whole world of finance seems completely out of reach to you, there’s hope. If you’re missing out on your life and your loved ones because you can’t tear yourself away from work, there’s hope.

If you think your family relationships have been permanently destroyed because of your drive to create financial success, think again! There’s hope! And if you are worried that your tremendous financial success is going to ruin your children and grandchildren’s lives, fear not. Possibility abounds!

We’re bringing onboard experts who share our belief that a sustainable life is one that is empowered, rather than harmed, by money. True wealth is so much more than just possessing financial assets. The highest and best use for money is when it is used as a tool to help each one of us live fulfilled lives. And that’s a conversation worth talking about.

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Richard Del Monte is an advisor and coach to affluent families, helping them become resilient and flourish, both relationally and financially, over multiple generations. He and his wife and family live in Alamo, CA.

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