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Pets are essential creatures to both the pet owner and the environment at large. One of the most prevalent pet species is dogs, and understandably so. They've been man's best friend for thousands of years, and that unique connection has continued to flourish into our present age. Canines provide loyalty, companionship, and protection from danger.

As helpful as these creatures are, they also need a lot of care and attention. One of the things you need to pay attention to as a dog owner is their physical fitness. It can be pretty hard trying to make sure your canine stays fit when you're performing your own activities during the day. Luckily, this article will highlight five useful things you can do to help your dog stay healthy and active.

1. Obstacle courses are helpful

When you set up obstacle courses around your house, your dog will hardly be able to resist participating. An obstacle course will continuously stimulate their minds and bodies, helping them to stay ready and active. Your canine will also have a lot of fun participating in the obstacle course, which is what makes it an excellent option.

When you want to use obstacle courses, you should make sure you switch the obstacle course challenges every couple of days. Additionally, make sure you use dispensable household items such as an old couch cushion, clothes, old tires, and so on. When your dog completes an obstacle course, it is always a good idea to reward them with treats.

Sometimes, it is understandable that tending to a pet and working a job every day can be quite stressful. An excellent way to relieve yourself is to use CBD products such as CBD gummies and oils, which Sunday Scaries have in abundance. When you're taking CBD products, try to consume them in moderate amounts.

2. Play traditional high-activity games

Fetch is an easy game for you to play your dog, and what makes it even better is that the owner doesn't have to move around very much for this game. This fact makes it the right choice for people who come back stressed out during the day. The game only involves throwing a disk, stick, or ball around and telling your dog to fetch it. All the running around is suitable for their vital organs and brains.

When you’re playing this game with your dog, make sure the throwing object stays in your proximity and that you don't throw it into a dangerous place.

Alternatively, you can play hide and seek. Although this game requires a high amount of treats, it is an equally useful game for exercising your canine. This game will involve you or other family members calling out for the dog, prompting the dog to come and find them. You will need a lot of treats to keep the dog motivated when playing the game.

3. Treadmills are important

Before now, you probably thought that only humans could use treadmills. Dogs, however, can use this handy gym machine as much as humans can. If you want this to work, make sure you start by putting your dog on the treadmill and then dangling food in front of them.

Simultaneously, turn on the treadmill and turn its settings to medium speed. Every once in a while, dangle the food very close to the dog’s mouth so they can eat it. This action helps to keep the canine motivated, keeping them interested in the pursuit. However, if they hate this gym equipment, never force them to use it because it may discourage your dog from trying other things with you.

4. Try to scavenge hunt

A scavenger hunt involves using several motor skills, deduction skills, and physical exertion, making it an excellent choice to work out your canine. When playing this game, it can quickly awaken your dog's instincts, allowing them to have a lot of fun.

Leaving little pieces of food in the form of a trail will keep them motivated, ensuring they continue to play the game.

5.Try a food dispenser toy.

This toy is available in many pet stores around you, and they help to mentally and physically stimulate your dog. The toy has an internal compartment in which you put your dog's food. They then have to solve puzzles and complete tasks to access their food. As you already know, food is a perfect motivator for both man and dog. Thus, the sight of food will keep them going at it for hours.


Final Thoughts

It is understandable that keeping a dog occupied and active can be pretty challenging. That said, the tips and approaches mentioned above can help you do that effectively, keeping your dog healthy. It would also be best not to overwork your dog because this will ultimately discourage the dog from staying fit and active.

Grace Hawkins is a passionate writer and blogger with a focus wide array of topics relating to health and wellness. She has been a professional writer for 2 years. When she is not writing she is either baking or exploring new places.

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