rainbow colorful rolled yoga mats in wooden rack

Kiki teaches a Supported Shoulder Stand inversion pose that is accessible for all levels, reversing the body's normal flow of energy and fluids, and bathing all the internal organs to renew and energize. The particular position is also believed to enhance optimal thyroid function.

Easy to do at home, and Kiki explains every step along the way.

Photo credit: cheeseslave via Visual hunt / CC BY

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About The Author

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Kiki Flynn is a Natural Lifestyle YouTuber, blogger, and podcaster. She has 33 years experience in natural and organic health and beauty as well as yoga. She works as a Wellness Coach/Consulant and Yoga Educator creating programs for thought leaders, rockstars, disability communities, and yoga teachers. Learn more about her on her website (www.kikiflynn.com), follow her blog, her YouTube Channel, and sign up for the Kiki Weekly here.

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