Born and raised in the Morongo Basin, Marylee Brown attended school in Twentynine Palms. For 18 years, Marylee has been with the Sheriff’s Department of San Bernardino County. She started as a volunteer, became a clerk, and has been a Deputy Sheriff for the past 13 years. Marylee is married to Tim Brown, who is also a Deputy Sheriff and in the Army Reserves. She has five children and one grandson. Marylee enjoys camping, boating, running, crafts, and spending time with her family.

I have had a lot of pain in my right hip. It would be fine for a while and then it would hurt. I went to my doctor, had my hip x-rayed and he said there was nothing wrong with it.
I’m active. I love to run, so I was still running and dealing with the pain. I was running less than a mile, and the next day I was limping around in pain. It got to the point where I was having a difficult time walking. Then I heard about Earthing and I went to the store and ended up getting the grounding patches. By the third day I had been using the Earthing patches, I ended up going for a run and wasn’t having any pain.
I’m able to run again. Before I was using Earthing I was only able to go about a mile. Now I’m doing two miles with no issues, and I’m not even hurting afterwards. Normally, I would be hurting the next day for the whole day, and I haven’t had to go back to the doctor. Since I’ve been Earthing, I’ve been sleeping much better and I’ve had no issues with pain in my hip.
Recently, I was gone for four days and I noticed that my hip was starting to hurt a little bit and I had not taken any patches with me. It was starting to hurt because I wasn’t using the patches and sleep- ing in my bed with the Earthing sheets. I noticed a huge difference.
— Marylee Brown

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