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Earth Day (April 22) is kind of a big deal to us at evox. While our actions on the planet matter every day of the year, last year, on Earth Day, was when we launched!

The annual day of recognition of living in a respectful, sustainable, green way began long before those words got so buzzy. In 1970 the Earth Day movement was launched, and each year, as we understand more and more about ecology and our hand in the direction of the world's health, the event grows on an international scale.

This year, we're broadcasting live at 1:00pm from the Earth Day San Francisco event on Saturday, April 19. We'll be bringing you interviews and live from the stage coverage of inspiring speakers like Bill McKibben of, known as "the country's leading environmentalist." Tune into the evox broadcast live, or pop back when it fits into your schedule.

If you are in the Bay Area, come join us! The day, at the San Francisco Civic Center's U.N. Plaza, promises to be great fun with multiple stages boasting forward-thinking conversations and lectures, a whole slate of music acts and entertainment, an eco-village and clean energy zone, green tech pavilion, green jobs information, kids zone, organic culinary showcase, alternative vehicle expo and parade, sustainable eco fashion show, "Green D.I.Y. Zone" where you'll learn skills like how to convert your car to electric power or build a solar oven, and plenty of exhibitors and vendors from whom you'll discover new ways to feel great about your lifestyle.

This year, they are putting politics into Earth Day with a March for Climate Justice and the Earth that starts at Justin Herman Plaza at 11:30am, and ends at the Earth Day celebration. The San Francisco event's theme this year is "A Call to Action" so listen to the call, grab family and friends, and get involved.

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