The Food and Drug Administration recently recommended that women lower their doses of sleeping aids containing zolpidem, such as Ambien, in order to reduce the risks of morning sleepiness and car accidents. According to the , sleeping pills have boomed in popularity with the increasingly frantic pace of modern American life, with 60 million prescriptions dispensed in 2011.
It is exactly that common inability to sleep due to our lifestyle that inspired us to create Sacred Sleep. We want to holistically address this need by helping people with what we call Lifestyle Sleep Wellness:
1. Acknowledging the importance of good sleep to health.
A lifestyle of full engagement and accomplishment is what most people strive for. Except that it is only half of what balances our lives. The other half is sleep in the form of re-energizing and renewal.
2. Setting an intention to get a sufficient quality and quantity of sleep.
We spend so much effort expending our energy outward to have the lifestyle we tell ourselves we need, yet we often do not place an equal amount of value on the how, when, where and why of bringing energy back in. Balancing energy out and energy in helps create wellness.
3. Committing to habits and rituals for sleeping well.
What can we do? Many things. And we are dedicated to holding a space for conversations and idea sharing. For example: Our Tuesday blog post from Doug featured advice for quieting your mind before sleep; our November 16 post from Carrie shared her evening ritual, and our December 14 post discussed the benefits of drinking medicinal herbal tea.
4. Creating a sleep sanctuary that is conducive to sleep.
Our bedroom should be our personal space to relax and renew. A place that awaits us at the end of the day, ready to welcome us, comfort us, and sooth us as we fall into nothingness, sleep. Our most recent post shared ideas for transforming your bedroom into a sleep sanctuary.
We hope you will join our conversations about what is keeping us up at night and what we all can do to sleep well. Join Sacred Sleep on Facebook, sign up for bedtime Tweets on Twitter, and follow our lifestyle sleep wellness and sleep sanctuary boards on Pinterest

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