What do you get when you combine a Certified Clinical Herbalist, a tea mixologist and a company founded on the principle of lifestyle sleep wellness? Well, you get a great night’s sleep, one cup of tea at a time!

Sacred Sleep has partnered with Vital Living Herbs and Nutrition in Salida, Colorado to create four custom herbal teas to relieve stress and help you sleep. Vital Living co-owners Lindsay Lund and Mac Rebant have combined her clinical knowledge of medicinal herbs with his personal mastery of tea types and flavors to formulate daytime and nighttime brews that sooth the body, mind and spirit.

According to Lund, more than half of the people who come into her shop are interested in finding something that will help them sleep and ease their anxiety. She formulated these medicinal herbal teas not only to help people sleep, but also to heal their nervous systems.

And what about flavor? The entire Sacred Sleep team taste-tested several combinations from Rebant in an effort to choose two. In the end, we could only narrow it to four because we loved them all so much.

So raise a warm, steaming cup to your Sacred Sleep! (And if you have a chance, let us know your favorite.)

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Sacred Sleep is a division of Pinto Barn. Pinto Barn is a collective of entrepreneurs and inspirational and educational thinkers and doers with a mission to create products and services that enable people to live whole lives. Our goal is to build a unique company that thrives at the intersection of profitability and social responsibility.

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