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Before digging into the 9 ways, listen up to this GD myEARTH360 Report with Green Divas Meg and Lynn talking about how to not be annoying when showing our love to Mama Earth (hopefully this segment doesn’t annoy you!) …

Warning: Green Diva rant in the words ahead… 

1. Eliminate “save the earth” from your vocabulary.

Please, for the love of whatever God you might or might not believe in, stop pleading with everyone to “save the earth!”

Mama Earth is a lot LOT older than we are and has lived through far worse infestations and species than us (remember dinosaurs? Ya know, our current fossil fuel system? Ironic, huh?!). It’s a horrible human trait—arrogance—that makes us think she’s not strong enough to survive without us.

Shift that thinking and consider how little control we really have next time you are trying to keep the world from rocking during the next earthquake. Respect. Let’s be honest, we need to save the humans, and we want a clean and comfy environment for ourselves and future generations. 

2. Don’t worry so much about earth, per se.

She has a marvelous way of healing herself and reclaiming her space in a remarkably short period of time. Ever see what happens to a roadway that’s been ignored for a year? Yeah… without humans, Mama Earth would regenerate fairly nicely. 

I suspect we’d do better here on this amazing planet if we worked along with Mama Earth rather than rapaciously stripping out resources, and deluding ourselves that we can control her while paving over everything. But hey that’s just my little thoughts on the topic. Rant over.

3. Know what you’re talking about.

Be educated about a topic before you go all eco-monster on someone. It doesn’t further the cause to spout lame statistics that aren’t real or are clearly inaccurate.

Stick to what you know and be clear that it’s your opinion. Hey, I can’t remember statistics very well—especially in the heat of any given moment—so my general stance is what harm does it do to reduce pollution and toxins in our world? That usually stops folks in their tracks unless they’re heavily invested in dirty energy or a chemical company, at which point I shrug and move on to something more pleasant, like good fair trade chocolate. Chocolate always helps . . .

Not everyone cares, and sadly some will never see your point of view, no matter how insistent you are and emphatic you become. Be a joyful example of what you wish for the world and don’t be a martyr about it. People are naturally attracted and curious when you’re doing something from the heart rather than screaming in their face about how wrong they are. 

4. Keep a sense of humor.

Yes, this is a serious issue and yes, humanity’s ultimate existence is likely at stake here, but lighten up. I dunno, but the Dalai Lama giggles an awful lot and he’s been banished from his own country. Perspective, folks.

5. Keep it positive.

Reality can suck and there’s a ton of bad news everywhere you turn. Don’t be an additional harbinger of doom. Be the light, and offer solutions without blaming and pointing fingers. This, of course, is good advice in general in my ever-so-humble opinion.

6. Focus grasshopper . . .

Sometimes we get overwhelmed with the variety of environmental ills that seem to plague us. Focus your energy like a laser on one area you’re really passionate about, learn as much as you can, and get out there and get involved in making change. We’re all more effective when we focus our energies on one thing at a time. 

7. Listen to your Mama.

Mama Earth is always communicating with us. We just have to quiet the man-made din and tune in.

Communing with nature is a real thing. Seriously. Unplug from this crazy human drama on a fairly regular basis and find your way back to nature, back to Mama Earth. Whether it’s a glorious hike in the woods or a quiet stroll on a beach or just playing in the dirt, find a way to connect. Listen to the calm voice of nature draw you back to your healthiest core. Yeah, it’s love… but what else would it be? 

8. Practice gratitude.

Try to remember we are temporary guests on this planet. We don’t own it. Act accordingly.

9. Above all, be mindful.

Don’t be a screaming hypocrite (i.e., making noise about dirty energy while leaving every light in your house on all night long). You get what I’m talking about. We all have our weaknesses, but if we strive to be more conscious about how we utilize the amazing resources Mama gives us, good things happen. No guilt, just take each little awakening as a gift and make change where you can.

And forgive yourself when you can’t do it perfectly.

What would you add to this list? Please leave a comment!

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