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It is difficult, almost impossible, to travel from one place to another during a Pandemic crisis and fluctuations in travel restrictions locally, nationally, and internationally. Some parts of the World that may be facing severity might lockdown, and commuting might be a big issue. Also, there will be other pressing issues like your doctor’s availability and appointment when they are busy battling the catastrophe of humankind. 

This is a time when one seeks alternate medication for non-severe ailments and diseases. 

Cannabis is a versatile herb that has the potential of treating several diseases and health issues, large and small. Under the prescription of a physician or an expert, one might even be able to heal chronic illness with this powerful herb. 

Let us find out what researches have to say about the safe use of cannabis do si dos strain in treating some of the common as well as unusual diseases.

1. Arthritis 

Arthritis can be a painful condition hindering regular activities and movements of the corresponding area. People with chronic arthritis feel intense pain and burning sensations due to inflammation in their joints. 

Arthritis can occur in various forms, and rheumatoid arthritis is one of the most common. It causes stiffness in joints and extremities and worsens with age, depriving people of their mobility and motor skills. 

Cannabis can come particularly useful in curbing the morning pain that is particular to this disease. Also, it can help lessen inflammation in the joints, thus acting as a two-edged sword both for the symptom and causes of arthritis. 

So, if someone in your house is suffering from arthritis pain, you can gradually introduce cannabis as a food additive or get thc gummies to relieve the pain. One may also apply a CBD oil topically on the affected area to relieve inflammation quickly.

2. Eating Disorders

Staying at home during a pandemic can trigger eating disorders in many. One may overeat from sheer boredom or lack of exercise. While cannabis can give you munchies and propel you to eat more, you can try its derivative, CBD oil, to curb your appetite. 

CBD can help maintain your satiety from your food and thus avoid overeating. One can use a full-spectrum CBD oil to derive maximum benefits from it.

3. Diabetes

It is a health condition that occurs due to the impairment of the body to utilize sugars efficiently. It may impose several health hazards such as vision loss, heart diseases, and even nervous system dysfunctionality.

A typical diabetic patient might suffer from diabetic neuropathy, where a person may feel sharp pangs of nerve pain. 

The use of cannabis and its derivative CBD can offset the pain and also lower the chances of its occurrence. One may vape a CBD vaping oil in the form of vapor, as it is the quickest way to get CBD into your system. 

4. Insomnia

Sometimes there are no specific reasons for one to suffer from sleeplessness and insomnia. Sometimes a minor change in your schedule and work routine can disrupt your body clock. 

You may experience day-long grogginess and feel tired throughout the day. 

The good news is, cannabis can help you get deep sleep and also help improve your sleep cycles. 

5. Inflammatory bowel disease

A condition that normally occurs due to swelling and inflammation in the digestive tract. 

A treatment protocol of high quality High Supplies feminized seeds can ease the abdominal pain. 

It can heal minor ailments like diarrhea and nausea and help improve your bowel movement.

6. Stress and Anxiety 

Many things can spill stress and anxiety during a pandemic. Some of your past trauma may trigger during tough times. One can manage stress and anxiety levels with CBD, showing positive results in conditions like depression. 

When we consume CBD, our body’s receptivity towards happy hormone serotonin increases and we might be able to fight mood swings and everyday stress better.

You can choose from a range of different cannabis oil on the market that is available as tinctures or sublingual oil.

7. Muscle spasm

Spasticity problems can deter your everyday life and actions. A sudden muscle contraction can be painful and can range anywhere from mild twitches to long-lasting pains.

People who suffer from multiple sclerosis also face spasticity in the muscles. Antispasmodic properties in marijuana can provide quick relief in such instances.

One can vape cannabis or directly add oils to the food and recipes. 


Cannabis tolerance varies from person to person; you may want to check with an expert to find appropriate dosage, especially while using it for the elderly.

Keeping a stock of some valuable herbs and spices in your pantry is always a great idea. 

So, when it is difficult to locate a doctor during a pandemic or any other odd situation, you are well equipped for an emergency.

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