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Many of us live busy lives and, as a result, daily exercise goes by the wayside. There are, however, several easy ways to add to your exercise routine - simple ideas such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Keep in mind; every time you take the stairs instead of the elevator, you are making a decision that will add positively to your long term health.

Drink plenty of water

It may sound trite but it is true; drinking plenty of water is not only a healthy thing to do but it is also a sneaky way to up some steps - walk to the restroom area and back to your desk or back to your work-at-home area. Those few minutes, several times a day, can add up to additional exercise.

In addition, no matter if you are at work, the mall, or at school, park your car a bit farther from the front of the building as possible. It will not take long to get to your destination but it could add to your longevity. The next tip may sound a bit tame but it can help greatly with your exercise program; clean your home or condo on a regular basis.

Cleaning is hard work

Cleaning not only keeps your home clean and tidy, it is also a good workout. Think about it; cleaning involves a good amount of walking, lifting, and stretching. Most housework is also a good workout for your mind. It just feels good to have your home clean, neat, and organized.

What about gardening and yard work?

Gardening and yard work take a lot of time and effort and are quite effective in using your muscles. Mowing the grass, pulling weeds, planting flowers, watering, and fertilizing the grass are all ways to add movement to your exercise routine.

A pedometer can help

Many are finding out how helpful a pedometer can be as they work and exercise throughout the day. They are gadgets that measure the amount of physical activity you get each day. They also are effective in how they motivate you to stay on course with your exercise. Try for 5,000 steps each day and each day see if you can go higher. The more you walk the greater the benefits to your body.

Walk meetings and family walks

Walk meetings serve two purposes; they give you a chance to talk with your co-workers or a team member you have something in common with and they can be a good way to unwind and refresh from the morning’s work. Most importantly, it can be a way to add exercise to your day. Family walks after dinner are still another way to get some extra exercise and a way to connect with your family.

Exercise while watching TV or exercise with a friend

Sitting on a chair or couch watching TV is what most of us do; however, instead of sitting, set up a treadmill or rower and exercise for several minutes as you watch TV. You will burn off calories while watching your favorite program. Or, ask a friend if he or she would like to take a walk or jog for a few minutes after work or supper. Burn some calories and share with a friend on how things are going in your life. Hop in your favorite adventure vehicle and hit the road to add excitement to any outdoor activity, especially in all-terrain vehicles such as a JEEP Wrangler or an ATV; be it with a friend or by yourself.

Walk the dog

If you have a dog, take him or her out for a walk. He will enjoy the walk and you will burn off calories and enjoy the fresh air. If you don’t have a dog, maybe there is someone in your family who could be your walking buddy. Walking for 15 minutes can burn off about 100 calories.

To conclude, many live busy lives and try to work in as much exercise as possible. Try one or more of the above suggestions and add more exercise to your daily life. Enjoy the health benefits!

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