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Sustainability is a growingly important word in the media, but the truth is that many people still think that environmental concerns are a responsibility exclusive to the government and large companies. This idea could not be more wrong. Incorporating sustainable attitudes into our daily lives is a duty of every citizen who is concerned with our planet and how we will leave it for future generations.

Individual sustainability actions can, indeed, help the collective. The more people invest in sustainable actions and encourage others to do the same, the healthier the relationship of human beings with the planet will become. “Starting to create awareness of the importance of sustainability during college is super important and demonstrates maturity and commitment to the future of our planet”, says Henry A. Garcia, a green writer at State Of Writing and Paperfellows. Do you, as a college student, have environmentally correct attitudes in your daily life? Here are 6 tips to help you.

1. Get a Ride

Most people live far from campus and need a car to get to college. Have you, however, ever paid attention to the number of people driving alone to the university in their cars? How many of these people are neighbors or live in the same region as you? One car usually has the capacity for five people. Investigate with your classmates and friends who lives near your home and set up a ride schedule. You can take turns in the car of those who go to college and on which days. This generates savings for all members of the agreement since it is possible to share the costs of fuel and parking.

2. Go Biking

If you are the athletic type, like to exercise, and your city has a good network of cycle paths, have you thought about going to college by bicycle? In addition to promoting the same benefits for traffic and for the environment as getting a ride, you can also boost your health!

3. Print Consciously

When printing any material, ask yourself if you really need to do this. Can you read directly on the computer? Will you undoubtedly use this printed content? How many times do we print something on impulse and then put the papers in a folder and never look at them again? If you really need to print something, choose to use sheets of recycled paper and print with the two-sided option "front and back". Some printers also have the option of printing documents in economical mode, which uses less ink than ordinary printing. 

4. Share Materials

Some photocopies and consultation materials for group work, for example, do not need to be copied for all members of the group. Make one or two copies and distribute the part that fits each member. Another very useful tip is, at the end of the semester, donate material from the subjects you have studied to students who are going to start the same course next semester. 

5. Save Light and Water

Turn off the light in the classroom at the end of classes, do not leave appliances on in standby mode, and use faucets and flushes with conscience. These small gestures help to save natural resources.

6. Have Your Own Water Bottle and Coffee Mug

Avoid buying a plastic bottle of water every single day or using disposable cups every time you feel thirsty. Have your own bottle and replenish the water whenever you need it. The same applies if you are in the habit of drinking coffee before class or during breaks. Take your own mug, instead of using the disposable cups provided by coffee shops. “If only 20% of students took this attitude, the number of cups saved would be frighteningly large”, says Lori Prado, eco blogger at Type My Essay and Coursework Writing.

Help using the planet's natural resources intelligently, so future generations will also have access to them. By following these 6 sustainability tips you will be ensuring that your footprint on this planet is lighter and you are contributing to a more balanced and healthier world for everyone! 

Beatrix Potter is a professional writer at Law Essay Help and Custom Thesis writing services, being a prolific writer of prepping for college students. She mainly writes about green living, sustainability, and travel. She also tutors at Essayroo Review. Beatrix enjoys traveling, running, and reading every genre she can get her hands on.

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