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Cannabis users have always claimed that there are positive benefits to this plant. Since the massive legalization and decriminalization movements around the world, including the Netherlands, USA, Uruguay, Spain, the Czech Republic, and Canada started regulating the plant, we now have a resurgence of active research into its benefits. 

The most interesting chemical of the cannabis plant to date is CBD. Along the plethora of other benefits for the general public, it also has specific upsides for seniors.

We intend to explore this aspect of CBD use from this perspective and find out how it helps seniors manage age-related health issues.


This eye disease affects around 76 million people around the globe in 2020. Good quality CBD from sellers like has shown excellent results in helping manage this disease, with results as high as 25% of total attempts at treatment. Its anti-anxiolytic effects are considered crucial for this process. 

We understand that 25% isn’t a guarantee that this treatment will lead to success, but since there are few side effects, it’s worth attempting.

Issues with Insomnia and Poor Sleeping

It is estimated that around 50% of the senior population suffers from sleeping issues. That’s an astonishing number, and insomnia can cause further deterioration of health in the long-run. 

CBD helps treat almost all forms of sleep deprivation problems and has anti-inflammatory effects on the mind and body. It’s a great alternative to sleeping pills as it doesn’t have as long of a list of potential side-effects. 

Chronic Pain Issues

We all know that as we age, the chances of developing some chronic pain increase. It happens due to a variety of reasons, and chronic pain ranges from bad knees, back, to migraines and other ailments, but most of them can be relieved by the use of CBD. 

It helps during active recovery and rest but is also commonly prescribed for arthritis and nerve-related pain in countries where it’s legal. It’s also one of the reasons why it helps with insomnia. Chronic pain doesn’t do wonders for your sleeping habits.

Alzheimer’s disease

As most of you know, Alzheimer’s disease is a particularly vicious form of deterioration of brain cells. In the 2017 study by California’s Salk Institute, we got findings that show a positive impact of CBD on the treatment of the illness. 

There are a few known reasons why the disease develops. The primary reasons are inflammation, brain cell decline, and oxygen buildup, and CBD has significant anti-inflammatory capabilities and antioxidant effects. 

Brain inflammation happens when there are blockages that the body can’t clear. The body reacts by pumping oxygen into the brain, which in turn, oversaturates brain cells with oxygen disrupting brain function. This study shows CBD can help.


This is another mind-affecting disease that can be managed by using CBD. There are three variations of dementia that CBD can help treat or manage:

  • Vascular Dementia

  • Frontotemporal Dementia

  • Dementia with Lewy Bodies

There are other mind-affecting diseases that CBD can help with, like Parkinson’s Disease and Huntington’s disease. All these diseases are far more common with senior citizens, and CBD should be an option as both cure and prevention.

Still, before attempting treatment, consult your physician on this. Self-medication isn’t a good idea, and you need professional assistance when dealing with diseases as complex as these. 

Bone Health

One of the more common causes of chronic pain for seniors is osteoporosis and bone loss. Seniors have a much higher chance of breaking a bone in smaller accidents because their bones are more brittle due to bone loss. In extreme cases, even small taps can lead to broken limbs, fingers, and other injuries.

CBD is effective with both managing fractured bones due to these causes and helps activate the receptors responsible for bone regrowth.  


As you can see, there are quite a few ways seniors can benefit from CBD. This is not a complete list by any stretch of the imagination. We’re still far from knowing all the potential benefits of CBD, and we’re going to see more of them as the legalization process spreads. 

What becomes apparent is that CBD needs to be available for medical purposes as there are too many indicators that it is a great solution for some issues. 

As the pinnacle of the advantages CBD has over other treatments, we have the fact that it has very few side-effects, especially negative ones. Long-term exposure to various medications can cause health issues by itself while there are no hazardous downsides to using CBD.

We hope we managed to help you, and you can find out more about benefits for seniors and general uses of CBD.

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