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One of the top ingredients of starting a business is the need to choose a niche that is not only profitable but one that also inspires your passion. So if you are a bookworm, what options do you have? In most cases, people who love books tend to get confused about where and how they can start a business related to the same. This may not be as complicated as it may seem as long as you get creative and innovative in your search for the best business idea. If you love reading, then here are some of the top business ideas you may find ideal:

1.  Start a book shop

This is one of the most common business ideas that a book lover can opt for. If you love reading books, then it becomes much easier picking out books that people will most likely want to buy. As much as many would want to believe that the advent of the internet has meant the death of physical bookstores, this is not entirely the case. Many people still believe in the thrill of going into a real book store and buying their favorite book. The best thing about this is that even with small business financing, you can set up your shop virtually anywhere. You may decide to either start a general bookshop or specialize in a given category.

2.  Become a book reviewer

Not many people like the idea of buying a book only to realize that it does not meet their needs. Luckily, there are book reviewers who go through a given book and offer a synopsis of the same to potential readers. This is a line of business you may consider as a book lover. This is, however, a business that will require a lot of patience and diligence in order to make it. The biggest challenge of this business is marketing. Once your name is out there, however, the business can be one of the most rewarding for book lovers.

To be on the safe side, you may start by creating a blog where you will regularly be leaving reviews for a selected number of books. This will not only help you gain enough experience but will also help put your name out there. Once your portfolio becomes popular, it becomes much easier to do business.

3.  Write books

Most book lovers would, at some point, wish they had written one of their own. Once you have read a number of books over time, you may tend to get ideas on the need to also offer a piece of your mind to others through a book. This is a business idea that can turn out successful if you can only engage the right people in terms of publishers and marketers.

As much as the advent of the internet has seen fewer people opting for physical books this should not be a hindrance. These days, there are several digital platforms where you can also sell your books in online copy. You may see the need to combine both the traditional and digital methods in your business. When it comes to writing your own books, there are two basic options you can opt for. For one, you may decide to self publish your work using some of the available e-print services online. The other option would be to go for a hybrid company that can offer you a variety of options in terms of publishing and marketing.

4.  Become a book editor

The editing field may often be ignored but is equally important just like any other field in the book business. When a writer comes up with a story and puts it down on paper, they will need a skilled second eye to go through it and pick out errors they may not notice by themselves. This is a niche that can be hugely rewarding for both traditional and digital forms of book writing. With the ever-increasing demand for editors you, as a book lover, will be surprised at how rewarding this venture can be. The best thing about this is that your investment is minimal as long as you have a passion for the same.

5.  Sell or rent used books online

The online platform has seen myriad opportunities for book lovers. In most cases, students struggle financially trying to buy a textbook that may cost as much as $300. If they can find a used version of the same online at a lower price, they will not think twice about getting it. Find a list of useful books that are still in demand in colleges and rent them out for a given amount.

Getting into business for a book lover may not be as hard as many want to make it. As long as you have the right avenues and are creative enough, the opportunities are endless. Turn your passion today into a rewarding book business.

by Mike Abelson

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