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The benefits of a fast metabolism extend beyond being able to fit into your college or high school jeans. It also helps you stave off problems such as diabetes, heart trouble, and joint replacements that excess fat or obesity can cause. You do have some influence over your metabolism speed, burn more calories plus gain energy to tackle goals, and remain alert for busy days.

These tips will kick your sluggish metabolism into a higher gear in no time.

Give Your Metabolism a Push from Healthy Habits and Changes

Metabolism is the blanket word for a host of biochemical processes. Some determine the rate at which your body breaks down what you put into it and others transform food or calories into energy. A high metabolism allows you to eat a reasonable amount without much weight gain or energy loss.

Metabolism shifts to a slower rate for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Genetic and hereditary patterns

  • Inactive, sedentary lifestyle

  • Imbalanced hormones, such as low testosterone or high cortisol (the hormone arising from stress)

  • Conditions such as hypothyroidism and Graves' disease

  • General decline due to age

Daily Exercise Revs Up Metabolism

Exercise is the recommended and healthiest way to quicken metabolism, burn calories, and lose fat. Many people's physical activity levels drop once they enter the rat race of commutes, work pressure, and family obligations. Others just never habituated to exercise as part of daily life, so they miss out on this all-natural way to keep a youthful metabolism.

Ignore debates about if morning exercise is most effective, to start calorie burns early, and evening exercise a moot point. It is most important to commit to doing some exercise every day no matter what since different times have different benefits. Research posits morning exercise may build more muscle to process more sugar and fat faster, while evening exercise will boost metabolism for longer times.

Sleep is a Lesser-Known Metabolism Booster

Recent research shows sleep disruption interrupts fat metabolism, as the delicate balance of hormones falls apart from unpredictable circadian rhythms. However, you likely sacrifice sleep before anything else when your schedule is packed or workloads are high. Widespread dependencies on devices also play a huge role in keeping people awake or pulled out of sleep.

You must maximize the number of hours you sleep and minimize sleep-time interruptions.

  • Set your phone, tablets, and other screens on night mode for dimmer lighting.

  • Invest in a touch alarm panel with a night mode, so you can find it when you need it but it won't shock you awake in the middle of the night.

  • Cut out meals or snacking at least two hours before you plan to sleep, and work hard to keep that plan.

A Regular, Robust Diet Encourages Healthy Metabolism

Too many people believe that low calorie intake and fasting are secrets to rev a slow metabolism. Science tells a different truth: You will get nowhere toward speeding up your metabolism if you do not eat. Your body needs food, and plenty of it, to optimize functions including metabolism.

While it is more important for metabolism that you exercise daily rather than maintain an early or later time for it, the same can not be said for eating and metabolism. You should plan fasts and calorie reductions for later or before bed, when prolonged inactivity slows down all bodily functions.

Start your days with a good breakfast shortly after waking and employ some simple guidelines to stave off late-night eating:

  • Protein is essential to build muscle from exercise and to feel full, with eggs and fish such as salmon or tuna being low-fat choices.

  • Cayenne pepper, jalapeno peppers, and ginger help raise metabolism. They also add exceptionally flavorful seasoning, which may help you enjoy meals more so you eat less.

  • Vegetables are low-calorie foods to center meals upon plus compensate for occasional splurges.

  • Green tea is a touted metabolism booster and stress reducer.

These three metabolism-boosting measures are easy to adopt when you plot out an exercise plan, healthy diet, and sleep schedule you're likely to keep. These efforts are so integral to overall health and well-being their effects will stretch far beyond a whittled waistline and improved appearance. Don't be surprised when higher spirits, productivity, and achieved goals arise from your body's recognition of the extra care you are taking with it.

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