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Are you looking for some simple ways to help Mother Earth while saving some money along the way?

With an estimated 1 million plastic bottles bought every minute, human beings are hurting the Earth faster than it can heal itself. Poor air and water quality have also been recorded and climate change has been causing deadly natural disasters. All of these, according to a number of reports from the United Nations, are due to human activity. However, there are ways for people to help and this includes conserving water, kicking the plastic habit, and walking or using a bike for short distances.

Conserving Water

Reducing water usage for flushing the toilet, cleaning the home, and washing the dishes will not only translate to savings on a household’s utility bill but will also reduce said household’s carbon footprint. Water needs energy to get into pipes and into homes and the electric power used usually comes from dirty energy sources such as coal and fossil fuels. If every household conserves water, carbon emissions will be significantly reduced as well. Apart from this, it also helps protect the country’s supply.

Say No to Plastic

Plastic hurts the environment. It can kill marine life and leaches harmful chemicals into the soil, effectively polluting groundwater. Kicking the habit is not only good for the environment and every life form, it can also put more money in people’s pockets. Some states have already passed legislation for plastic use where people and businesses who choose to use plastic for their grocery items and other goods pay an environmental fee every time they use the said material. Based on data from the National Conference of State Legislatures, the States of California, Hawaii, District of Columbia have already passed such legislation years ago and as of 2017,  “at least 73 bills have been introduced” across the different states.

Walking or Biking

Walking to the grocery store or using a bicycle can reduce a person’s carbon footprint as they will translate to savings on gasoline. Another benefit of walking or biking to nearby place is the reduction of pollutants emitted into the air. Air pollution is dangerous and can cause serious lung diseases and allergic reactions. Aside from its environmental and financial benefits, walking or biking are also good for the body.

Making a few simple changes in one’s lifestyle can help the Earth heal. It can also help people save more money while ensuring that the planet they live in is safe for every life form that is in it. 

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