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The spring flowers blooming and the trees blossoming after a long, hard winter has gotten us thinking about beginning anew. Like those flowers, we baby boomers can also bloom. The process doesn’t have to be arduous or extreme.

Here are 22 ways to re-invent yourself that are as effortless as last year’s bulbs poking their heads above the soil.

  1. Like what you see in the mirror. Regardless of the wrinkles or the weight or whatever else you see in your reflection, that body has successfully gotten you through multiple decades. It is time to let go of what your body is “supposed” to look like and embrace the wonderful vehicle that it is.
  2. Don’t let others’ opinions stop you. Some fear they grow invisible as they age, but there is a freedom in that invisibility: You can get away with more! Do what you want to do and stop worrying about what others think.
  3. Take a class. The Greek playwright Aeschylus said, “It is always in season for old men to learn,” and in today’s world – with classes online, at the local junior college, or even at your local Home Depot – the opportunities are too plentiful to miss.
  4. Get more sunshine medicine. Take a hike if you’re active or go sit on your porch if you’re not. Scientists say more Vitamin D – the sunshine vitamin – can help prevent osteoporosis, cancer, depression, heart attacks, and strokes.
  5. Do something crazy. Go skydiving, buy that overpriced scarf, or eat a banana split for breakfast. There’s no better time than the present to experience something silly or crazy or ridiculous that you’ve always wanted to do.
  6. Say you’re sorry. Apologizing and meaning it is a wonderful gift not only to the people you care about but to yourself as well. Allowing yourself to sometimes be wrong – and human – means you no longer have to work so hard to always be right.
  7. Write letters. Share your day with someone through email or by putting pen to paper. The act of writing will help you process and remember your day, and the rarity of letters will make them a special gift to the person who receives them.
  8. Drink more water. Dehydration is blamed for achy muscles, digestion issues, exhaustion and poorly functioning kidneys. Wash away those woes by keeping a filled water bottle by your side.
  9. Embrace your age. We always like to remind people who bemoan growing older that it’s better than the alternative! Be proud of those accumulated baby boomer years and the experiences and wisdom that came with them.
  10. Find a hobby. Whether it’s crafting or volunteering or exercising, you now have the time to do that activity that you always dreamt about doing when your life was hectic from dawn to dusk.
  11. Buy something extravagant. Thrift and maintaining a budget are commendable qualities – but you can’t take it with you! Allow yourself one gift, and don’t for one second regret the purchase.
  12. Go for a walk. Older people who exercise are three times more likely to have better physical and mental health than those who don’t.
  13. Do things for pleasure. After years of hustling through our days, we now have the time to take a long bath or savor chocolate or admire a rose garden. Do activities for the sheer pleasure of delighting the senses.
  14. Appreciate your partner. Our list of what bugs us about our spouses can grow infinitely. Try to re-focus that list on what you enjoy about him or her.
  15. Re-invent your living situation. Nothing will inject new energy into your life better than joining a Golden Girls Home. Welcoming like-minded baby boomers into your life as a homeowner or housemate will allow you to see the world from a whole new perspective.
  16. Hug more. Not a touchy-feely kind of person? Shake hands or pat shoulders. That human contact will instantly make you and everyone around you feel better.
  17. Explore technology. We’re still amazed daily by the Encyclopedia Britannica we can now all carry around in our back pockets. Use technology to answer any question you’ve ever had, or take a class that will help you find the technology less intimidating.
  18. Confront your fears. No longer be limited by the things that you’re afraid of. Face your fears and show them, once and for all, who’s boss.
  19. Add flair your wardrobe. We get inspired by the blog Advanced Style, which focuses on senior fashion. While we may not be wearing a turban anytime soon, it does inspire ways to shake up our closets.
  20. Dance. Whether in your room, in a class, or on a dance floor, now is the time to reject the insecurity of youth and let your body enjoy the Fountain-of-Youth-like power of music.
  21. Let it go. The greatest gift you can give yourself is letting go of long-held resentments. You will instantly feel healthier and happier shedding that emotional weight.
  22. Do one thing you said you would never do. One thing. One thing you were too shy, anxious, proper, scared, or beautiful to do. Do it now. Carry that pride forever after.

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After a 2008 divorce left Bonnie Moore living alone in a newly remodeled five-bedroom home, she searched for and found four great roommates to fill the empty bedrooms. The experience was so transformational that Moore embarked on a new career dedicated to helping 50+ adults ease their way into shared living. As founder of Golden Girls Network, she has written a book titled How to Start a Golden Girls Home and teaches classes on the same topic.  For more information about Bonnie, please visit You can also join her on Facebook and Twitter @GoldenGirlsNet.

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