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Not 150 lbs, just 21 grams. 
That's who I am - 21 grams. 
They say the soul weighs 21 grams. 
They say when you die, the body weighs 21 grams less. 

That's it - 21 grams. 

How can all of who we are be weighed? How can it be only 21 grams?

Makes me wonder… Why am I carrying all this additional weight?

What is the weight of my guilt? My unworthiness, my shame, my hopelessness, my powerlessness?

What is the weight of my love? My appreciation, my understanding, my grace, my value?

How can it all come down to just 21 grams?

Makes me question why do I hold on to so much? Does my 21-gram self need to know that I'm upset about an argument?

Does my 21-gram self need to hold on to resentments of the past? Does she need to hold on to hopes for the future?

Probably not, right?

On my deathbed, will my 150-pound self care about all of my problems I've ever had? Probably not.

What will my 21-gram self be feeling?

~ Love. 

She will be thankful for the lessons I have learned. She will be thankful for the love she shared. She will be happy to be going home.

21 grams. 

What would happen if I began today to live my life as the 21 grams of myself?

I believe, I would be living my life through the eyes of spirit. I would have a loving world surrounding me.

21 grams. 

I imagine my 21-gram self sees nothing but love all around her. 

I imagine when I am angry or upset about something, my 21-gram self is waiting to see if I understand the lesson or see the metaphor. 

What if for just one day, we lived our life as our 21-gram self? What would we want to do? Where would we go? Who would we want to see? Wouldn't it be nice to let our 21-gram self come out to play. Who would she be? Would she be my inner child, my 20-year-old self, or perhaps me only yesterday?

21 grams ~ not 150 pounds. 

As I sit here and write this, I feel lighter. I feel brighter, more colorful. I feel energetic. I feel like my 21-gram self is ready to play now! 

21 grams ~ She's ready to show me her world. 
She's ready to show me awe in my world. 

She's ready, am I?
Are you ready to play?

21 grams. 

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