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Relationships work with mutual efforts, dedication, and zeal to stay together even in challenging circumstances. While being with the same partner can grow tedious for some, you must stick to the positive aspects of the relationship. There are times when couples experience a lack of intimacy due to multiple reasons. Whether it's work-related stress or personal conflicts, you can have fun while you work on it to resolve the issue. 

Also, try to spice things up in diverse ways, like changing positions and using lubricant often. Do your bit to amp up your intimate life and develop a long-term bond with your partner. 

1. Create A Faux Scenario 

One of the easiest ways to spice things up and break the monotony is through faux scenes. You can act like you’re meeting your lover to improve the excitement levels. Most people tend to have extra-marital affairs because it appears more thrilling and is often considered taboo. Instead of looking out for another person, you can always trick your mind into believing the opposite. Not only will it enhance your sexual intimacy, but it also induces spicy anticipations. 

2. Try Vaping 

Another tip to increase your experience of sexual intercourse is through vaping. Instead of the traditional modes of inhalation, it’s about time that you resort to modern and comparatively safer methods. Vaping involves inhalation of the vapors generated via vape juices. Also, it can boost your stamina, curb anxiety, and increase your libido in no time. Get your hands on the Kure CBD and vape to amp up your sexual experiences. 

3. Use Lubricant 

Aging affects your vital organs, including the genital region and its secretory functions. With time, your vagina may not secrete enough lubricant for you to have smooth sexual intercourse. Further, it may cause issues related to pain, discomfort, and soreness around your genital region. Try lubricating your genital area before you begin the action. Choose the ideal lubrication gel or liquid to get the tension off your sexual organs. 

4. Try Versatile Locations 

Are you used to enjoying the intimate sessions on your bed for eternity? It’s about time to try different locations to kill the boredom and get more pleasure out of it. Switching locations can be quite helpful in increasing libido, improving pleasure, and enhancing the overall experience. You can try the kitchen counter, your workspace, or even book a resort for the same. 

5. Find Out Your Favorite Spot 

How can you expect your partner to satisfy you unless you realize the right spot in your body? Masturbating can be the right way to find out your pleasurable points and ways to achieve them. Also, you get to know the tips and tricks that may increase your orgasm experiences. Try narrating it to your partner and get in the action mode. 

6. Opt For Different Positions 

Most couples fail to achieve the ideal pleasure due to the mundane positions and wrong techniques. You must look out for exciting positions and try them the next time. While the position might be a bit uncomfortable initially, you are likely to stimulate unusual areas of your genitalia. Not only will it improve the entire experience, but it also induces a heightened pleasure sensation. 

7. Jot Down Your Fantasies 

If you suffer from low desire or lack of intimacy, you can always try satisfying your fantasies. All you need to do is recall a scene from the movie that aroused you before. Also, ask your partner to do the same for a wholesome and exciting sexual act ahead. Talk about your desires and the things that turn you on for a spicy session. 

8. Get A Vibrator 

Adding a sexual toy to your intimate sessions is yet another way to spice things up. You may include a vibrator or try other exciting toys to enhance sexual stimulation. Also, the toys act as an external source of pleasure and fill in the voids in your intercourse. You can opt for gender-neutral toys to enhance pleasure and make the most out of it. 

9. Try Sensual Texting 

Don’t underestimate the power of a provocative text and send a spicy message to your partner. It evokes a sense of longing and allows your partner to do think of diverse ways beforehand. Not to forget, sexting is a great way to start the action and bring a change in your regular sexual intercourse. 

10. Kegel Exercises 

Many people experience a lack of intimacy due to weak pelvic musculature or a lack of sexual desire. If you’re one amongst them, you may benefit from the diverse and stimulating Kegel exercises. It strengthens the pelvic floor muscles and enhances your stamina levels. Also, the exercises increase your ability to handle the genital load and elevate muscle resistance. All you need to do is contract the genital muscles for a few seconds and then release them. 

11. Stimulate Your Visual Senses First 

It might be a good idea to treat your eyes with some provocative and sensual images before getting into action. You can watch a few porn videos together to heighten the arousal. Also, try reading some erotic texts together to get the blood rushing down your genitals. Such acts are great at spicing things up and keep you away from mundane and boring sexual acts. 

Final Words 

Long-term relationships may lose the spark due to a lack of sexual intimacy and overly-familiar ways to sexual interaction. You can arouse your senses through different positions and locations. Also, watch a few erotic videos together to get in the mood before you start the actual act. Give your imagination permission to be playful. Do your bit to add a change in your usual sessions and spice up your sex life in no time.

Grace Hawkins is a passionate writer and blogger with a focus wide array of topics relating to health and wellness. She has been a professional writer for 2 years. When she is not writing she is either baking or exploring new places.

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