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They will enjoy a gorgeous evening out.

You won’t have to spend your Valentine’s Day with someone enduring the holiday. Golden Girls jump into an evening of fun like we do our friendships – with unabashed enthusiasm. As mature women shed of the fussiness and fear of judgment of our youth, we loudly “ooh” over the food and “aah” over the wine and wax rhapsodic over a beautiful setting. No detail of a perfect evening goes unappreciated with our lady friends, and while you may not be gazing into each other’s eyes, everyone around will feel the love.

They will embrace Valentine’s Day fun. 

“Too” and “sappy” are words never used by women on Valentine’s Day. You want to ride a horse-drawn carriage? That’s an excellent idea! Make reservations at a tony restaurant? Your friends have always wanted to try it. Cook heart-shaped cookies for all the grandkids? Your friends will bring the sprinkles. Great friends are up for exploring instead of judging, and Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to embrace fun and feminine activities.

They will tell you how pretty you look. 

With our eyes for detail, women friends will always notice that new haircut or that flattering dress or the smoky eye shadow you’re trying out. More importantly, great friends focus on your inner glow, and their warm support and encouragement will make it glow that much brighter.

They’ll appreciate a pressure-free holiday.

Just want to spend Valentine’s Day in your pajamas? Your Golden Girls are right there with you. Plan a pajama party with your housemates, rent some tear-jerkers or romantic comedies, ask everyone to contribute wine and chocolate, and your friends will remember it as one of the best Valentine’s Days they’ve ever spent. Enjoy one of the benefits of having close female friends: the opportunity to physically and psychologically let your hair down.

They will understand if you decide to skip Valentine’s Day this year.

Can’t stand the “V” word to be uttered? Your Golden Girls friends will button their lips with understanding. You can ignore the holiday entirely or celebrate an anti-Valentine’s Day – raise a glass to the end of those bad relationships and toast the freedom you have now to pursue your own interests, education, and hobbies.

They will give you lots of hugs and sympathy if it’s a rough holiday.

If this is your first Valentine’s Day as a widow or someone unable to spend the day with your love, your friends will listen. They will understand. They will provide tissues and wine and, the most valuable thing, a sympathy that doesn’t judge or try to fix you. Your Golden Girls housemates will be the warm blanket surrounding you and the thick mattress that holds you up and comforts you to face another day.

They’re up for sharing the Valentine’s Day goodies.

Want to indulge in the onion soup, filet mignon, lava cake, and a box of chocolates? Trust me, so do your girlfriends. But we women love “just a taste.” With your housemates, you can split the indulgent meal and share the chocolatey treats so you’re not left regretting your food choices until St. Patrick’s Day.

They’ll happily listen to stories of Valentine’s Days past. 

Pull out all of your love stories – the highs, the horrors, the box of homemade cards from your kids – and share them with your Golden Girls. Your friends love hearing all those stories that help to create the incredible housemate they have the good fortune to live with. Their happiness will help keep those wonderful memories close, and their laughter will help you smile at that Valentine’s Day when you received a George Foreman grill.

They’ll eavesdrop with you.

On a regular evening out, it’s sometimes difficult not to spy on that adorable couple so obviously in love or that uncomfortable couple simmering for a fight. So what better time is there to indulge in your eavesdropping tendencies than on Valentine’s Day? Give yourselves a green light to keep an eye on all the loving couples and make a game of it: whoever spots the first date, cutest couple, most awkward couple, and couple destined for happiness gets a chocolate.

They give the very best gifts.

Empowerment. Lack of judgment. Zany fun. Companionship. Trust. Sympathy. Love. No box of chocolates or a dozen roses could ever compete with the wonderful gifts you receive from your Golden Girls friends.

Photo: Roger H. Goun | CC License

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After a 2008 divorce left Bonnie Moore living alone in a newly remodeled five-bedroom home, she searched for and found four great roommates to fill the empty bedrooms. The experience was so transformational that Moore embarked on a new career dedicated to helping 50+ adults ease their way into shared living. As founder of Golden Girls Network, she has written a book titled How to Start a Golden Girls Home and teaches classes on the same topic.  For more information about Bonnie, please visit You can also join her on Facebook and Twitter @GoldenGirlsNet.

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