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Going to college and earning a degree can be a long and hard process, but it can also be incredibly interesting and fulfilling. You might start college and not be sure what field you want to study or what you want your career to look like in the future, but some very interesting college majors are available to study. The following are some more unique and interesting college majors that can set you up for a fulfilling career. 

1. Astrobiology

If you like to learn about outer space, but not necessarily through a physics lens, then astrobiology might be the degree for you. After looking up the student loans process, look up what life may look like on other planets. If you major in astrobiology, you may study how life forms, evolves, and makes a planet sustain life. 

2. Turfgrass sciences

If you love the sight of green lawns, sports fields, and more, then turfgrass science may be the right field for you. In this tract, you study how to maintain and cultivate grass in different environments. This is great if you like to spend time outside and want a career that's not a full "desk job."

3. Bagpiping

You may or may not have heard anyone play the bagpipes before, but it is definitely a unique instrument with interesting sounds. If you like the music field but want to study a less mainstream instrument, then a bagpiping major may be the best one for you. 

4. Diving

Scuba diving is a fun hobby for some people but is a serious full-time job for others. If you like scuba diving, marine biology, oceanography, and water safety, then a major in diving business and technology could be the most fulfilling one for you. After studying this field, you are set up to be a future scuba instructor or research diver. 

5. Mortuary Science

Being a mortician is not a job for everyone, but it is certainly an important job that is always needed. Studying mortuary science will teach you about anatomy and physiology, funeral service laws, and how to be a good funeral service practitioner. You can find a job in a variety of settings from funeral homes to medical examiners' offices. 

6. Puppetry

Puppet design and performance is a unique field that is related to performing arts but does not necessitate you being the center of attention and vying for the spotlight. You can perform on stage without showing your face, which is something that some people might enjoy. A puppetry major will teach you about puppet design and voice studies. 

7. Wilderness Studies

If you love to be outside in the mountains and forests, wilderness studies could be a fulfilling major. Expect to take a lot of courses that have you spending time outside and thinking about how humans interact with nature. A number of different jobs are available for those with wilderness studies backgrounds, from wilderness therapists to rock climbing instructors. 

8. Theme park engineering

A lot of people love going to theme parks for their wide variety of entertainment. This may include playing the games and riding the roller coasters. If you have ever thought about how theme park layouts are designed and how the materials are sourced and chosen for rides and structures, then this field may be the most interesting path for you. 

9. Leisure Studies

Keep busy by learning about how people are not busy during leisure. With the rise of grind culture, or people working more and more hours each week, the need for information on relaxing and fun is in demand. If you study about leisure, you may focus on rest or recreation, which includes recreation centers or parks or general health and fitness. 

10. Popular Culture

Finally, all of the time you have spent listening to music, watching movies, and scrolling the Internet can be put to good use when you study pop culture. Because popular culture is so vast, you can work in a number of fields from journalism to research to teaching after studying it in college. 

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