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This month’s reality check is all about how to shred The Dread. I’m talking about that sickening, sinking feeling when you are confronted with something you don’t understand and have to learn. First... read more
Often, when we are facing a challenge, we evaluate our abilities and size up the problem to see if we are a match for the task at hand. The funny thing about humans, is we usually start with... read more
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SILVER SAVVY: Aging with Authenticity – Dr. Laura Basha Getting old ain't for sissies, and Dr Laura Basha is silver savvy, exploring how to age with authenticity and grace.  
Mykale, WOMEN ENOUGH / BARE CAMPAIGN ( When I was 12 years old, I saw a movie about two young women who secretly conspired with each other to be better... read more
Two Cute Moose
~ from: "The Far Side" by Gary Larson I am a change agent. I call myself a consultant, but, I am a change agent, an agent for change. I have always loved the Gary Larson cartoon that... read more
Networking. It occurs for each of us differently, but for many it is a chore, a bore, and a tor...ture. We do better holding up the wall at a party than introducing ourselves around, would rather... read more
Lion Blog
This week’s reality check comes courtesy of the lion. Lions have been a symbol of strength and bravery for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Richard the Lion Heart is one of the more famous... read more
Speeding Up
This month’s reality check is about speeding up to slow down and comes to us courtesy of some anonymous driver in LA who inspired the post. Next time you’re driving, see if this happens…You’re... read more
Book is birthing ...
THE BIRTHING OF A BOOK I will be completing my first book and sending it to the publisher this month. It has been a long process! I find I struggle with writing in a very similar way that I... read more