Capri Island, Italy
Capri Island, Italy. I breathe in the beauty. Five friends and I get off the rightfully labeled, “rickety and reliable,” Trans-Vesuvius Railway in Sorrento, and hop a ferry to this coffee-table-... read more
Natalie Warne
At 18, Natalie Warne’s work with the Invisible Children movement made her a hero for young activists. She uses her inspiring story to remind us that no one is too young to change the world.... read more
Xav Dubois and Ron Finley
Ron Finley, guerrilla gardener, wants to empower the next generation of our communities, inspiring them to grow their way to a better and healthier life. Living in South Central Los Angeles,... read more
Andrew Solomon
What is it like to raise a child who's different from you in some fundamental way (like a prodigy, or a differently abled kid, or a criminal)? In this quietly moving talk, writer Andrew Solomon... read more
Line Drawing of person with bags
The way we make and use stuff is harming the world—and ourselves. To create a system that works, we can't just use our purchasing power. We must turn it into citizen power. Since I released "The... read more
To transform economically and socially depressed areas into healthy, vibrant communities, we have to focus on their strengths and trust residents to solve their own problems. This article... read more
Dusk. The landscape darts toward the horizon for miles. Mountains stand tall in the distance and separate the barren sandstone from the majestic heavens. Five men on horseback ride with a purpose.... read more
Ed Begley Welcome
Actor and environmentalist Ed Begley Jr. and his wife, Rachelle Carson-Begley wanted to remodel their new home under LEED Platinum Certified standards, but the builder had some bad news for them... read more
Swimming Pool and Ladder
Summer was approaching and the possibilities were endless. Well... not really, because I was 12 and didn’t have a driver’s license or a friend living within walking or biking distance of my house... read more