Stacked Plates and Utensils
A self–service coffee shop in North Dakota is a testament to human trust, and community support. Can a self-service store with no employees based on trust system be successful? Or will... read more
Soccer Ball on Field
The World Cup—are you watching? I have to say the first couple weeks have been mildly intriguing for me. I grew up on a baseball field, a basketball court, and an American football field. We... read more
Music & memory go hand in hand. I’m guessing you are probably one of the gazillions of people worldwide who own iPods or other personal music devices. Chances are also pretty good that the... read more
Green and Yellow Public Transit Bus
How skilled are you at letting go? It's a challenge for most of us in this day and age. We are, most of us, control freaks, and even if someone else holds the reins, we still want to know where... read more
Hands in the shape of a circle
Is there such an ideal as a higher consciousness, with respect to community? Many years ago, as a younger theatre artist living in Los Angeles, I was struggling in a polarized, competitive, theatre... read more
Bicycle Road Signs
Getting out and biking for recreation, or perhaps as your main mode of transportation, benefits your body/health, and the health of the community...even our planet. There are also plentiful... read more
Man and boy
I know that I am not exactly the same as every other duck in the pond, and I know that the charge I get, personally, from volunteering might occur as a drag for someone else. No harm in that on... read more
Word Environment Day Image
Now that summer has unofficially kicked off with Memorial Day, there's another red-letter day to heed before we get to the Fourth of July. The warm weather canon of holidays now includes ... read more
Tree in the Desert
Crafty travel marketers try to stay a step ahead of the curve and predict what is the next big thing–that’s their job but it can make some of the rest of us cynical. I must say, I am heartened... read more