kids in capes dressed as superheroes

To my fellow SUPERHERO friends and family:

I wanted to share some of my morning thoughts and hopefully offer some insights and/or support for you and all of us SUPERHEROES that have been BEING DRIVEN for so long that we have been ignoring, and even doing damage to, the rest of our lives, friendships, family & kids, and ourselves.

You do NOT have to do it all yourself... but you know that already. 

However the charge/rush/juice you get out of being in perpetual motion...being the so addicting you can't see a way out, right? You can't see a way out of it. If YOU don't do it, it won't get done, or it won't get done the way you KNOW and THINK it should be done. Everything will fall apart.'re killin' yourself and cutting off parts of your life to be a Superhero. You are eroding your friendships and family and community and employees while you DRIVE everything all the time to GET IT DONE.

Well, you can keep being a Superhero and keep driving everything and watch yourself slowly diminish and erode this one, beautiful life that you have right now down to "getting it done" (good job by the rocked it), 


you can somehow learn NOT to be a 24-7 Superhero and let some stuff could let some people off the could let yourself take a walk outside and be in awe of this amazing Planet and all the amazing people.

I know you think you HAVE TO, but you actually don't have to deal with the bad crap about the planet and the nasty people all the time. That doesn't have to be the top of your agenda each morning and each evening. In fact, doing so will pretty much just make you a bitter person with a bitter life and a bitter experience of life.

JUST YOU...kind, loving, dedicated, sweet YOU, loving yourself and your life, contributes more to your friends and family and community than you can understand right now.

You being happy and powerful and joyful has life around you work so much better than being a 24-7 Superhero.

You could actually walk away from THAT THING today! You could...It might take a bit or a lot of courage, you might look bad for a moment, you might disappoint some folks, and you might have to deal with facing being mortal. But you know you'd get your life back, and your happiness and joy and peace of mind.

Whatever you do and whatever choices you make today...have them bring you and others happiness and power and joy.

I'm taking off my Cape for a bit.

I somehow forgot how great life was before I became a 24-7 Superhero who had to solve the world's problems. I hope the World manages without me (LOL).

I'm putting my Cape in a really safe space and near to me. It's always GREAT to have the ability to be a Superhero, and I know it will be important at the right time to put my Cape on again, but it's time to practice being a really great human for a bit. I seem to have lost touch with that remarkable experience of my own humanity while I've been focusing on everybody else's. I'm pretty sure me just practicing loving myself and my friends and family, plus being grateful for being alive, is enough for now.

Signed, Xav, just a regular guy with some really great commitments to life.

Photo: Sallie the Cape Lady via CC License

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