Black and white dairy cow with blue sky and clouds.

Milk? It isn’t just from cows anymore, that’s for sure.

Today the cold case in the grocery store stocks all sorts of alternatives to traditional dairy milk.

Some people want to drink milk that isn’t from cows because of dietary preferences—they might be vegan, for example. Others have dietary restrictions, such as lactose intolerance, that makes consuming milk an impossibility for them. Still others may just like the flavor or the options that are available—especially when it comes to adding it to that much-beloved drink, coffee.  But how do the milk alternatives stack up to each other, not just what they’re free of (dairy, lactose, gluten, to name just a few) but in flavor, calories, and more?

Well, if calories are a concern, almond milk has much fewer of them than soy milk—but almond milk also has a much thinner consistency than some other milks. What else do you need to know?

This graphic explains it.​

How Popular Milk Alternatives Stack up in Your Cup

by Andy Lavelle | ZeroCater

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