Close up rows of clay seed bombs.

By Amanda Froelich | Natural Blaze | TrueActivist

Not only do plants make urban environments more appealing, they also provide CO2 and, according to some studies, help reduce the stress people experience. For this reason, one might imagine that modern cities would be overflowing with green flora, but this is anything but the case.

In many cities, it’s actually illegal to grow on land in public spaces (just read about activist Ron Finley), regardless if the area is being used or not. In effect, a number of activists have begun creating seed bombs to secretly grow fruits, vegetables, and flowers for community members to utilize. This type of activism is called guerrilla gardening.

As the Infographic below explains, it’s actually quite easy to create seed bombs. And, anybody can be a guerrilla gardener. 

Read below to learn more and get started!


Amanda Froelich

I’m a plant-based chef, holistic nutrition counselor, writer, world traveler, and student of naturopathy. Learn more: and .

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