Woman eating birthday cake at the office.

Have you ever had a work day where the snacks were everywhere—and you got home and had no idea what you really ate?

You’re not alone

Your mindless noshing isn’t an isolated incidence: About half of all people end up overeating while at work. If they try to compensate by skipping meals, then the results lead to sluggishness or grumpiness. So what then can you do to skip the don’t-need-them snacks at work?

Start your day right by actually eating a healthy breakfast. It should be balanced—as should the lunch you bring to eat during the day. Use this graphic, below, to find more tips to eating smarter during the work day.

Let’s cut to the chase: If you’re truly hungry while on the job, then by all means, eat.

But if you’re frustrated by the habit of noshing at work even when you aren’t hungry (or if you’re eating past the point at which you feel full), then keep reading. You’re not alone and there are plenty of strategies you can implement to help break the habit of overeating at work.

Overeating on the job can take two forms: eating when you aren’t hungry or eating more than you’re actually hungry for when you eat. Whatever form it takes, overeating generally comes from one, or a combination, of several factors: stress, burnout, or proximity (in other words, we’re more likely to reach for a handful of chocolates if they’re sitting within arm’s reach).

How to avoid overeating on the job 

Armed with these strategies, you’ll be empowered to change a habit of overeating at work. As you strive to find a balance that works for you, remember to be gentle with yourself. If you have a big slice of cake at a coworker’s birthday celebration, it’s no big deal. Aim to make healthy eating decisions overall and don’t worry about the rest. After all, you’ve got work to do.

Laura Newcomer, Environmental & Personal Wellness Expert

Laura Newcomer is a writer, editor, and educator with multiple years of experience working in the environmental and personal wellness space. Her writing has been published on Washington Post, TIME, Healthland, Greatist, DailyBurn, Lifehacker, and Business Insider, among others.

How to avoid overeating on the job Infographic by Quill

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