Outdoor sign for #CollisionConf in New Orleans

Hello evox Community.  Some of us on the evox Core Team are at the Collision Conference in New Orleans this week presenting and promoting evox.life — a new mobile app that we will be launching for the evox Community sometime soooon! Launching a new social impact platform is an amazing feat and we have built this digital world for all of us to have private, secure, and safe community to share, learn, grow, and support one another in living our best lives.

We are one of the only social impact companies that we’ve met so far at the conference. There are a few others that have social missions that align with ours and we hope to discover ways to partner and collaborate with them to provide you with tools, education, inspiration, and ideas to charge up your lives.

This conference will have about 25,000 people attending and with too few hours in these long days, the three of us were able to speak with and share evox with only a fraction of them. One thing all of our conversations had in common was that people finding out about evox were inspired by what we are building to push back a world designed to fill your life full of a lot of stuff that doesn’t necessarily support each of us in having a great life. You already know this, but mainly, the design of the current iteration of capitalism is to take as much of your time, money, and energy to further its own agenda and NOT your own.  

evox is here to partner with you to push back on UNconscious capitalism and bring forth conscious capitalism where YOU are not viewed as an object in life to be manipulated and used, but you are viewed as a human being full of possibility and honored as such.  As the evox family grows, we will have a larger voice in making a difference in the world and contributing to the many voices that are working towards social justice, compassion and kindness, healing and reconciliation, and other commitments to have greater fulfillment and satisfaction for all people.

Today (and every day), please know that evox is here with you to support you and honor who you are on this planet.  We promise to do our best to serve you with content, tools, inspiration and education to support you in living your best life ever.

Create and cause an extraordinary day!


CEO, evox


Collision is the fastest growing tech conference in America. Now in its fifth year, Collision has grown to over 25,000 attendees.


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Xav Dubois is CEO of evox. "Our company, evox, is very much engaged in the inquiry that I've been in for my entire life: 'How do we make the planet and its people happier, more joyful, satisfied, and peaceful?' We're using Video Content, Conscious Commerce, and a Global Community to help bring about a world that honors all and supports monetary and social systems that are honest, fair, and just for everyone! Our Television Network, evoxTelevision.com, supports this by showing content that empowers, educates, and inspires while evoxMarketplace.com supports people and vendors who are striving to lead healthier, happier, and more sustainable lives. We're proud to be part of the process and we truly appreciate YOU for being with us on this journey. We look forward to hearing from you and the many benefits we hope you reap by being a part of the evox Community."

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