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This morning I awoke to the contrast, complexity, and hypocrisy that is me!

You see, I have seen a lot in my 45 times around the sun.

I have seen the best in people, and I have seen the worst in people. I have seen the best in myself, and I have seen the worst in myself.

With all that I have seen from so many different perspectives, today, I awaken to the knowing that living all of this, was still living from a place of privilege. 

It is a very humbling and awakening moment to say the least.

What does privilege mean to me? It means that no one gets anywhere or does anything without context. In the purest sense of the this knowing is: ubuntu...I am what I am, because of who we all are.

I believe that we can solve many of the social challenges that exist today when we look through the lenses of privilege and ubuntu.

As a white male, I have the ability to look through lenses that others don't. I have the choice to tell stories and remove the energy of victimization because I don't have to look at victimization if I don't want to. I am not sure that others have that choice, and today, I awaken in that question.

In many ways, this awakening makes me more grateful for all that has come my way, and in other ways, it conjures shame for all I have taken for granted...even during the worst of times. When I zoom out into the world, I see a great deal of polarization, perhaps more than I have ever witnessed before. This saddens and emboldens me at the same time. When I zoom out through the lenses of privilege, I see the structures that prolong the stories of privilege, disintegrating at the foundation.

For some, this moment has taken way too long to arrive.

For others, this process evokes a primal fear that is here to challenge and reconstruct our shared reality. There is a great disruption taking place in real time.

Those of us who have experienced hardship, even through the lenses of privilege, may have a unique role to play in the transition. I feel the first step in this process is to become aware of the privilege that is present in the space. From that awareness, so much more becomes clear.

What shows up for me in this awareness are tears and compassion. 

When I pause, become aware, and then look my brother or sister in the eye, their pain becomes my pain, their joy becomes my joy and there is movement.

As a white male, I apologize for all that I have done to preserve and recreate the privilege from which I have knowingly and unknowingly benefited.

I promise to do my part in unraveling this story!

Will you join me?

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Erik has served in a sales or revenue-generating capacity for most of his professional life. He appreciates the process of prospecting new business and networking into expanded opportunities, thriving in environments where he gets to negotiate win-win propositions. As a pharmaceutical representative, Erik made it his personal responsibility to get to know providers and meet them where they were. In 2013, Erik founded the Game Changer Movement after the Sandy Hook Shootings broke his heart.  The Game Changer Movement challenges the world to Change it’s Game by taking personal responsibility for all the choices we make. As the Director of Sponsorships and Visibility for evox Television and Marketplace, he is excited to be part of a team that is serving to change the world’s game.  Those who are changing the world, with the work they do or the products they provide, deserve to be promoted and celebrated.

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