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Abstract green blue red world and keyboard swirls.
05/18/2017 Beth Kotz Smart home appliances are more popular than ever, and lower prices and increased visibility means that smart thermostats,... read more


Two gooey waffle cone ice cream sundaes with colorful toppings.
05/20/2017 Van Winkle's by Theresa Fisher | Van Winkle's Feats of willpower, like dieting, quitting smoking, staying sober, and ignoring texts... read more


Close up of swimmers' hands and feet on starting blocks.
05/19/2017 Steven Siemons Great Beginnings Looking back and reflecting on my love for healthy living, what is the one thing that could be deemed... read more


colorful word cloud of political issues
05/24/2017 Xav Dubois There are over 7 Billion people on the planet today.  There are an infinite number of issues, sub-issues, and even... read more


Sunglasses and flip flops on beach mat and sand
05/21/2017 Anonymous (not verified) All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. We know getting away from the daily grind makes us feel good, but is... read more


Surreal golden graphic of bald man with eyes opena nd shut.
05/17/2017 Henry Cross As a fan of poetry, the one definite conclusion about this art form is that words matter and that words are alive.... read more