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Man hunched over picking crops in an arid field.
10/20/2017 Melody Meyer A Sustainable System? I live and work in California, the farming capital of the world; hub of agriculture, intersecting... read more


Close up of squares of a chocolate bar stacked in a pile
10/17/2017 Sweet Seeds Botanically speaking, seeds are small embryonic plants—the whole plant stuffed into a tiny seed and... read more


Comic image of woman stretching in the grass with look of agony.
10/19/2017 J. Brown Ohm or Ouch? When I meet someone who is new to yoga and they learn that I am a teacher, they always say the same thing: "... read more


Couple laying on floor surrounded by piles of moving boxes.
10/09/2017 Andrew Mellen “Improved productivity means less human sweat, not more.”  ~Henry Ford So many productivity “secrets” seem to... read more


Hundred dollar bills tumbling out of spilled over trash bin
10/16/2017 Ray LeVitre Spend-Down Between the decline in the use of traditional defined benefit plans (pensions) and the heavier relian... read more


Various movie reels, projectors, phonographs, etc
10/19/2017 Greg Hemmings From Volunteer Film Crew Member to Inclusive Production House Owner It was early winter of 1998 when I heard... read more