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Girl playing in sprinklers on a sunny day
01/10/2018 YES Magazine In his new book Being the Change, climate scientist Peter Kalmus shows why, on the cusp of climate catastrophe, we are... read more


Rear view of a woman outdoors drinking glass mug of tea.
01/16/2018 Helen Sanders Green tea might just be the healthiest brew you’ll ever drink. It’s packed full of free radical-fighting... read more


Illustration of guru in the forest teaching his disciples
01/10/2018 J. Brown The traditional roles of yoga teacher and student have collapsed under the weight of cultural appropriation, capitalism, and... read more


Bearded man looking guilty as he eats cake
01/12/2018 Andrew Mellen Americans love to feel guilty. Unfortunately, it’s often for the wrong reasons. Michael Pollan wrote in In... read more


Man outdoors carries heavy safe
01/08/2018 Julie Fahnestock Your new credit card arrives in the mail. No more swiping for you. You’ve entered a new era with your chip car... read more


Close up of Catherine Deneuve
01/16/2018 Jerry Johnson I thought pluralism and the diversity of ideas were good things.  But maybe I’m on the wrong planet.  I’ve... read more