Overhead of lawn mower in green grass.
08/17/2018 The Green Divas Another day it occurred to me that time as we know it doesn’t exist in a lawn, since grass never dies or is allowed to... read more


Yellow fennel seeds in a pile on white background.
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Man sleeping on the ground outdoors
09/13/2018 The Green Divas There’s a reason why people call it “the Great Outdoors.” Or why, when we meet a really friendly and positive person... read more


Computer and coffee cup on table in front of window with amazing mountain view
09/17/2018 Jen Coken I had a hysterectomy on June 5th. The night before the surgery I sent an email out to my family and closest friends who... read more


Stacks of multi-colored hand-woven fabrics.
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Coffee house workers and customers
09/12/2018 Anonymous (not verified) In recent years, the big catchphrase in travel has been about being “local”. In most cases this has meant getting outside... read more