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oranges growing on tree against clear blue sky
08/20/2015 Melody Meyer A few mornings ago, as I sipped my freshly squeezed glass of organic orange juice, I contemplated the menu for a gathering... read more


red barn at end of row of grape vines
08/29/2015 Melody Meyer My grandmother’s name was Emma. She was born in 1896 in rural Iowa before there was electricity or indoor plumbing. Her... read more


close up of Toledo scale weight dial
08/28/2015 Johnny Nasello Here’s the scenario. You’ve started going to the gym, working with a new trainer, or bought a fancy DVD workout that’s... read more


12/04/2014 Anonymous (not verified) COMING UP: Dr Laura Basha — Keynote Speaker on “The Inward Outlook” Annual Conference on Health and Well-Being... read more


wooden watch face in sepia tones
08/23/2015 Terry Monaghan How many of you are working from a schedule? Some kind of schedule? There are many different ways to approach... read more


women and children of Rajasthan standing on stone wall
08/26/2015 Andrew Mersmann For more than 40 years, a group of steadfast individuals in India have endeavored to live, inspire, and uplift while... read more